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We've packed this page full of information from around the mountain so you can keep up to date with everything that is happening at Hotham. To ensure you never miss a story, sign up to our mailing list below and have them delivered directly to your inbox.

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Free Easter Hotham Village Shuttle for Hikers

Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board is providing a FREE shuttle on Easter Saturday, Sunday and Monday between Hotham Village and the Razorback Trailhead. 

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Protecting Hotham's Mountain Pygmy-possum

The most recent “Tunnel of Love” at Mount Little Higginbotham is providing insights into the movements of the elusive Mountain Pygmy-possum.

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Alpine Resorts Victoria: A New Era

The Victorian Minister for Energy Environment and Climate Change has announced that Victorian Alpine resorts of Mount Hotham, Falls Creek, Buller and Mount Stirling and Southern Resorts will merge next year to create the new statutory entity Alpine Resorts Victoria.

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Hotham welcomes Qantas flights from Brisbane to Albury

Qantas's announcement that it will be running three flights per week from Brisbane to Albury during the 2021 snow season has been welcomed by the Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board as a positive step to help snow-mad Queenslanders indulge their passion.

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Plant demand grows for Alpine Nursery

A small team from the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board are delivering an important service in growing and supplying plants to some of Australia's biggest ski resorts.

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Packing a picnic? Here's where to head

Hotham is such an amazing place to explore. Whether you're heading out for a walk or ride there are plenty of places to enjoy a picnic. 

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Flora of Hotham

More than 100 floral species including grasses and wildflowers turn Hotham's slopes into fields of green and delightful colour during summer.

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Walking the Cobungra Ditch

The Cobungra Ditch Walking Track which follows the course of an abandoned water race is now one of Hotham’s top bushwalking attractions.

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Hotham leads ECO destination trend

Mount Hotham has been named as one of the global Top 100 Sustainable Destinations for 2019, one of only two Australian locations included.

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Often flowering while still hidden under the snow, the Alpine Marsh Marigold is a rare find at Mount Hotham.


Hotham's blue worm is a wet weather surprise

It's a tiny bright blue predator and it's appearing in Swindler's Valley right now. The Blue Planarian (flatworm) is one of Hotham's smallest residents.



Whether you're an experienced hiker or a fresh face to the tracks, there is plenty to do at Hotham during the warmer months.


Tips to discovering Summer at Mt Hotham

Summer is a great time to explore Mt Hotham and the surrounding alpine region. Find out how to make the most of your experience.


2022 Epic Australia Pass

On Sale Now!

Get ready for your next winter season with the 2022 Epic Australia pass, on sale now for just $859 and only $49 upfront!

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Explore Hotham

Hike or bike to some amazing places, learn about our history or have some fun in the village.

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Make it a weekend

Need a place to to rest after a day of adventure? There are plenty of comfortable options.

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