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Mountain Info

Whether you're a regular guest or its your first time visiting Mt Hotham, here are a couple of things you should know before you head up.

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  Stats & Facts
Elevation 1861m
Walking Trails  170km, plus access to the 655km Australian Alps Walking Track
Easy Trails  10%
Moderate Trails  30%
Challenging Trails 60%, plus access to the 655km Australian Alps Walking Track 
Number of Ski Lifts during Winter 13 (including Dinner Plain)
Number of Historical Huts 7
Village Height  1765m
Mt Hotham Airport 20km from Resort
Average Natural Snow Depth 150cm 
Average Annual Snowfalls 300cm
Number of Beds 7,000 (including Dinner Plain)
Restaurants/Eateries 11+ (including Dinner Plain)

Planning a summer visit to Mt Hotham? We’re here to help!  

Here’s a few things we think you should consider before commencing your journey to help make the most out of your visit.


Driving on Alpine Roads
Drive to the conditions and always be prepared for inclement weather. Weather conditions can change quickly in the alpine region, this can include fog (which can restrict visibility) and snow even outside of what is considered the typical 'cold' months in Victoria. 

Book your Accommodation
Find the perfect accommodation for your visit, and wake up on top of the world! Search apartments, hotels and lodges options here

What to Wear?
Consider packing an extra layer. Alpine weather is notoriously unpredictable, and a fine sunny day can quickly deteriorate - don't let a bit of cold, wind or rain get in the way of enjoying your visit. As they say "there's no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong gear!".  On the flip side, don't forget to be sunsmart and slip, slop, slap. 

"I'd Like to Phone a Friend, Thanks Eddie"
Share it with a friend - beyond making them jealous of your holiday adventures, it's a great idea to make sure someone else knows your trip intentions (just remember to check-in also when you have returned safely!). 

Book your Activities and Events
There's lots to do at Hotham! Whether you're looking for a unique experience, a little bit of luxury, or just would like someone else to take care of the logistics for you - our activity providers are here to help your visit extra special.  Check out what's on offer and which events are coming up.

Haven't used that tent in a while? Can't remember the last time you took your bike away?   Always check your equipment before setting off on your adventure. It's far better to discover that you're out of gas, that the sunscreen is out of date, or your water bottle leaks - while there are other options around to repair or replace. If you've arrived at Hotham, pop into one of our retailers for those last minute needs that might pop up.

Leave the furbabies at home
Mt Hotham is a a fragile environment and has the same rules as a National Park, which means you can't bring your dogs or any other pets to the resort. It's fine if you're passing through, as long as the furbabies stay in the car. Our endangered species thank you for your cooperation!

Finally, Please Care For Our Environment 
The alpine environment is fragile. We are incredibly lucky to be able to enjoy it - please treat it with care and respect so that others may enjoy it long after you. And don't forget to have an amazing visit! 

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