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Mt Hotham Flora Guide

December 2021

Mt Hotham Resort Management is pleased to launch the first and only Mt Hotham Flora Guide, a comprehensive guide to the unique indigenous flowering plants that you can find within the resort.

The Mt Hotham Flora Guide was prepared by the Resort Management's Environment team and is the perfect way to identify the many beautiful flowers you find as you hike Mt Hotham's fabulous tracks and trails

The guide also provides information about the mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs that rely on the local flora for food and habitat. 

You can download the Mt Hotham Flora Guide below (see link below), use our interactive guide online (click on the photo) or buy a printed copy from the Mt Hotham Resort Management Office for $5 in early 2022.

All proceeds from the printed guide will be used on revegetation projects in the resort, at the two Mountain Pygmy-possum (MPP) tunnels, focussing on plants that provide food for the MPPs. 

Remember:  Take only photos, leave only footprints.

Our alpine environment is very sensitive and the flora and fauna are protected - you are not permitted to remove any plant material, and we ask that you take out everything you bring into the area.

Click on the Mt Hotham Flora Guide cover below to view our interactive version online, or download a printable version here