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Is there anything better than wood-fired pizza?

Only when it is hand made on site, all you can eat, in the stunning surrounds of the Alpine Nature Experience eco-village! 

The Alpine Nature Experience eco-village is tucked away in a gorgeous, secluded part of Mt Hotham, fully sustainable and off the grid. The eco-village is built around a giant tipi, which contains a pizza oven and a bar. There is even an outdoor fire pit, stunning lookout and a clean, odour-free composting toilet. Glamping indeed!

At night, we get the fires going and it is not just for the atmosphere - most of our food is cooked using wood fire heat, from the grill to the oven. 

Saturday night is the classic wood fire pizza night. A great occasion to be social and meet the other visitors. 
Set price, all-you-can-eat seasonal pizza, and access to the eco-village’s facilities. 

Price from $39

Bookings via phone or email 

Phone: 0466 280 603