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Packing a picnic? Here's where to head

Hotham is such an amazing place to explore. Whether you're heading out for a walk or ride there are plenty of places to enjoy a picnic. We've picked out five locations at Hotham that are well worth the visit if you've come here with your own packed lunch. Be it with your significant other, kids and family or just a group of friends there is a spot to suit everyone. All of them also come with some pretty impressive views.

Don't forget to download the Mt Hotham Trail Map, or pick up one from the RMB office between 9am and 4pm.
Mt Higginbotham Summit
The summit of Mount Higginbotham can be accessed from two directions, one is a short walk, the other a bit longer. The quickest route is to head up Higgi Drive and follow the track markers to the top. It's only about 200 metres up but is quite a steep climb. The longer trip is via Big D, but it’s just as easy. Head up one of the tracks and once you get to the top loading station just continue along the road a little longer. 

Enjoy the resort's new lookout over the Dargo region while you enjoy your lunch, or find the best spot to take in the 360 degree views.
Joyce Brockhoff Hut
An easy excuse to get out on the slopes in summer, access to Joyce Brockhoff Hut is from the top of Heavenly Valley. From the Loch carpark, sling your lunch over your shoulder and head out along Loch Ridge/Machinery Spur Track.

When you get to the Race Hut continue on a little further and then head down the track that sweeps back the other way, this is the Milkyway ski run. From here Brockhoff Hut is down on your left. Here you can enjoy your lunch on the deck outside the hut on one of the big tables.     
Silver Brumby Hut
Another location that sees you descend from the top of the mountain, however this time you’ll finish on the floor of Swindlers Valley. It's a longer walk than our previous two picnic spots; you’ll begin your trek at the Davenport Access Trailhead and 2.8km later will reach your destination. Here you can soak up a cool breeze on the Plains of Heaven next to Swindlers Creek. Take a fishing line and catch your own lunch, you can even carry a bat and ball and enjoy a game on the open grass area.
Big Spur Picnic Area
This spot is another that takes a little more effort to get to. Located on the Dinner Plain side of the resort, your starting point is the Wire Plain carpark 2.5km from The General Store. You’ll cross the road and come to the Brabralung Trail and Big Spur Trailhead. From here you're directed 1.7km along the Wonderland Trail. There’s a picnic shelter to sit and eat at as you soak up the serenity. As an alternative route back, take Christmas Hill Trail to Christmas Hill Lookout where there are awesome views of the village. 
Possum Flat and Dargo Lookout
The Wire Plain carpark is again your starting point for these two destinations, only this time you're staying on the same side of the road. Both spots are only a short walk away, little more than 500m and mostly flat. Whichever way you decide to go its simple, just take either the Possum Flat Loop or Dargo Lookout Loop. Both are perfect if you’ve got young children or older family members that can’t walk too far. Additionally, these tranquil locations offer the best views out into the Dargo Valley.