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Can you find the Alpine Marsh Marigold?


Often flowering while still hidden under the snow, the Alpine Marsh Marigold, or Psychrophila Introloba, is a rare find at Mount Hotham.

Small and white, with a tinge of pink and purple, these tiny buttercups can be found in alpine areas such as the Dargo High Plains, Mt Baw Baw and Snowy Ranges. At Hotham, we have 12 known sites (as of 2016).

What makes this plant so special is the fact that it can withstand severe frost, snow and constant running water from melting snow.

Living comfortably between rocks, exposed to the unique alpine environment and found on only 2 hectares in total through the alps, most of it on the Bogong High Plains, this plant often doesn’t wait for the warmer spring weather before flowering. Sometimes the melting snow and warmer earth provide a warm pocket for the marigold to flower in, hidden by the snow above from prying eyes.

If you would like to try your hand at finding this elusive flower, have a look around the Summit Chairlift loading station or along the Loch walking track (past the Orchard Chairlift mid loading station, towards Derricks Hut). Keep an eye out near the creek crossings and you may find some hiding under the ice, making for a gorgeous photo opportunity!

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