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Our favourite weather apps 

Posted 7 February 2019


Weather is one of our favourite subjects at Mt Hotham, as it can vary so much all year round at this altitude.

There is obviously snow in winter, but there is also snow in summer, autumn and spring.

Right now, we're a couple of days out from a heat wave but we now have thunderstorms, fog, rain and much cooler temperatures forecast for the weekend.

This will no doubt be followed by a bout of warm weather requiring sunscreen and hats, as the UV levels at higher altitudes can have a much greater effect on your skin. 

In this area, being informed about current and upcoming weather conditions isn't just a popular topic of conversation, it is also a mandatory requirement if you're heading out into our beautiful outdoors.

You really need to be prepared for the conditions you're going to meet on the trails, especially if you are planning to be out overnight or for a few days.

In today's mobile world, it's easier than ever to stay informed. We asked our local experts what they thought the most useful mobile weather apps, and they came up with the following lists for Android and iOS.

What's your go-to weather app? Email us on!


iOs apps


Weather Underground

BOM ("if you like granular weather data")


Storm Radar 


Elders Weather

Willy Weather

Tropicaltidbits ("an advanced-expert level service with the best charts for snow prediction and long-term forecasts")


YR ("provides an hour-by-hour forecast")




Weather Underground

Willy Weather