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25 - 27 November 2023

100 Mile—100 km—60—42—25—16—10 km Individual—Team—Relay Challenge

The Alpine Challenge is without doubt the toughest, most challenging, most spectacular and rewarding mountain trail run in Australia—if not the southern hemisphere over four distances. The 100 mile (160 km) course takes in 6 major climbs with 7,600 m of ascent and descent including Mt Feathertop, Mt Hotham, Mt McKay, Spion Kopje, Mt Nelse and Victoria’s highest mountain, Mt Bogong plus five river crossings. The 100 km involves over 4,000 m of ascent and descent and the 60 km course over 2,000 m of ascent and descent, whilst for those undertaking the 36 km run you will have over 1,300 m of ascent and descent.

The mini Alpine Challenge offering distances of 10/16/25/42 km. The good thing about these is they have less climbing but still offer great scenery. The 42 km has only 800 m of elevation gain!

For more information and to register head to the Running Wild website.