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Sunday 19 March 2022

22—40—58—64—85 km Alpine Runs

This classic Alpine run offers fivechallenging distances in some of the most spectacular country in Victoria’s Alpine National Park. The 64 km Razorback Ridge run takes in the entire length of the Razorback to offer some of the most stunning ridge running and scenery in the Australian Alps.

2022 sees the return of the 58 km loop for the benefit of runners in the 160 km Alpine Challenge as it gives them the chance to run this section in daylight, whilst the 40 km Razorback Circuit gives you a great climb to the summit, a terrific ridge run and a quad busting descent. The 22 km short course Razorback Ridge offers —a delightful day out to the Summit of Mt Feathertop and back along the Razorback.

Set in the heart of Victoria’s high country, the Razorback Run is one of the most amazing high altitude runs that Australia has to offer.

Hells Cauldron—The Anvil, an 85 km challenge event is open to experienced runners by invitation only and additional mandatory equipment will be required. To qualify for entry into the run, invitees must complete and correctly answer a questionnaire. Hells Cauldron—The Anvil has a limit of 50 participants. For entry information contact

For more information and to register head to the Running Wild website.