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Head to Head for Mental Health 

Posted 11 October 2018. 

Mental health in the workplace is an important issue, and Victoria’s Police are tackling it ‘head to head’ this October. 

Graham Ashton, Chief Commissioner of Police and Wayne Gatt The Police Association Victoria Secretary are walking to support mental health in the police force this month. 

Starting from opposite sides of Victoria, Mr Ashton from Mallacoota and Mr Gatt from Mildura, they will walk a combined 1,000kms, meeting in Wangaratta on the 23rd. They will participate in events in the communities and visit local police stations along the way, raising funds and spreading awareness. 

Graham Ashton will pass through Mount Hotham on the 16th of October, meeting with Mount Hotham Resort Management Board’s (RMB) CEO, Jon Hutchins and Bright Police Station Senior Sargent, Doug Incoll.  

Mount Hotham RMB is proud to support this initiative and encourages our local community to donate to this cause, assisting the men to reach their goal of $500,000 for Victoria Police Provident Fund’s new Mental Health Fund.

Donate Here. 

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