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Mountain Wellness

Embrace the healing powers of nature with the sublime treatments available at Mountain Wellness.

((You're in) the best hands on the mountain@1757 @1570 @319 -The Altitude of Mt Hotham, Dinner Plain & Bright. In a nut shell, we help people unplug to recharge. 
What we do and why we are different:

Here, you will always be listened to and heard without judgement. Every session is completely customised to your needs on each visit. You can choose from our Bright or Hotham locations in Victoria's Alpine region, or we can come to you. Even online for some of our services. We believe the quality of our lives is equal to the quality of the connections we have with both ourselves and others. And, in order to have the connections and of course the relationships we want, we must 'breakup' with the ones we have that aren't serving us. We help you disconnect to reconnect. 

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