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Intro to Backcountry - Womens' Skills Day

Sunday 7 August 2022



Have fun, meet others wishing to tour, challenge yourself, learn new skills!

“One thing I learned from touring that I wish I knew prior is the basics of how the set up works, bindings, skins and safely travelling through backcountry terrain, it would have made it a much smoother start” 

If you’ve never tried Alpine Touring, but keep wondering what it’s all about, or you’d like to gain more skills and confidence in negotiating simple backcountry terrain safely, then this full day tour is for you. 

Come and ski or ride with Mount Hotham’s all female guide crew in our beautiful backyard! 

All guides are fully insured, advanced first aid trained, hold avalanche certification and carry appropriate emergency equipment. Hire gear available

Secure your spot via the Traverse Hotham page

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