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Hot Doggies

Posted 18 April 2023

Hot Doggies is seeking workers for our takeaway located in the heart of the Hotham Central.  This unique opportunity is for 2023 ski season.


The position will suit a highly motivated, hard worker with a positive energy and fast-food service skills.

Fluency in English is required.  

Experience using fast food cooking and cleaning equipment and evidence of food preparation speed and time management essential.  

Successful candidates must be able to be productive and consistently reliable.

Evidence of customer service, product management and cash handling experience is desired.   

Successful applicants must be physically fit and prepared to work a 5 day week during the busy periods of the season.


Position commences from June 1, 2023 and finishes the end of September 2023.  Bonus awarded for those who complete the entire season.  

Please send your resume attention

*If you are serious about wanting the position, please include in your covering email the answers to the following questions:

  1. why you want to work for a winter season?
  2. what experience you have had that exhibits why you are a reliable and hard worker?