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Spring Into the School Holidays!

Sun’s out, fun's out! The spring school holidays bring warmer weather, so break out the sunscreen and shades - it’s time to revel in the warmth and get some vitamin D on your skin.  It’s also a great time for kids, especially if they’re still developing their skills, as the warmer temperatures mean softer landings.

We’ve got some tips from Hotham Ambassador, Drew Jolowicz, to make the experience a positive one, so they’ll finish the snow season ready to do it all again next year.


1. Ski School is Cool

Not only will they learn how to ski or snowboard, they’ll have heaps of fun and make new friends along the way!
At Hotham, why not get the kids enrolled in either the Mighty Mites (ages 3-6) or Kids Club (ages 7-14) programs. Programs do book out quickly in school holidays, so get online and book now!


2. Carry Snacks & Take Regular Breaks

Kids burn a lot of energy enjoying the snow. Ensure they drink plenty of fluids and carry snacks in their pockets.
Be sure to take regular breaks throughout the day also – the views are ridiculously good at Hotham, so don’t forget to snap a few photos to remember the trip by.


3. Dressing Appropriately

Try not to overdress or underdress.  As a general rule, kids will typically wear one extra layer compared to adults (on a warmer sunny day, they might have three layers on compared to your two).  It's also a great idea to have a spare change of clothes on hand -  kids spend a lot of time rolling around in the snow and making snowballs to throw at mum and dad.  Spare gloves, under layers and socks will never go astray!  Also, use gloves or mittens that have a wrist strap to help minimise losing them (you can replace them with help from Hotham’s retailers though if they do!).  


4. Choose Terrain Carefully

Remember, the world seems bigger when you’re smaller! When selecting terrain, try crouching down to their height to see how it will look through their eyes.  That bump or rise that seems small to you, may seem big to them. Also, try to avoid pushing your kids to ski in bad weather; it’s important that early snow experiences are positive. If it is a raging blizzard outside, grab a hot chocolate and toastie at one of Hotham’s cosy cafes instead.