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Mini Shredders: Why skiing with your kids is awesome!

22-06-2019 by Drew Jolowicz 

The snow season has arrived at Hotham.  School holidays are fast approaching and it seems like the perfect time to highlight all the benefits of skiing as a family.  In particular how awesome it is to ski with your kids.   

Family kids skiing Mt hotham
Ski School Kids Mt Hotham
Family Mt Hotham Skiing
Mt Hotham Kids Skiing

Family bonding

As the parent of a 5 year old, I can tell you first hand that skiing (or boarding) with the little ones is one of the best experiences you can have.  They don’t necessarily have to be your kids either.  Hit the slopes with nieces, nephews or any kids for that matter and experience Hotham through a set of eyes closer to the ground.  As the holidays approach, our snow-makers have been working around the clock.  Combine this with top-ups from Mother Nature; the winter school break is shaping up to be a great one.  Read on below for the Mini Shred lowdown and how a snow holiday is awesome for the whole family!

Social Connection:  In the age of smart-phones and devices it can seem like an uphill battle to drag kids (and adults) away from the screen.  With ever increasing screen-time this can have a negative effect on health and relationships.  A snow holiday is fantastic way to break this cycle.  Enjoy the crisp mountain air, stunning views and all the thrills and spills of a Hotham snow holiday with the family.

Physical benefits:  This ties in with the above-mentioned.  Obviously less time with heads glued to phones, and more time in the alpine environment is going to be positive for our health.  Skiing and Snowboarding is the perfect way to encourage kids to be active outdoors.  Snow adventure sports are a great way to engage in physical activity and are more likely to result in life-long participation.

Skiing transcends generations:  How many sports can you think of where 3 generations can participate together?  Kids, parents and grandparents can all participate at the same time.  Being able to pass on the enjoyment of snow sports down through generations can strengthen family bonds and provide amazing lifetime memories.

Build kids confidence:  An active lifestyle can have the added benefit of improving confidence in kids.  “Whoa that was steep but I did it dad” (or mum).  Seeing their expressions after conquering a challenging run is just as satisfying for you as it is for them.

Refresh your own snow stoke:  See the mountain from a different perspective.  Kids are energetic and spontaneous.  My daughter loves to sing songs, pick up snowballs and wave here arms in the air as she hurtles down the slopes. When you shred with the little ones you’ll see the mountain through their eyes, which is refreshing.  You may even catch yourself singing nursery rhymes and ducking off into the trees in search of secret runs and jumps!

So this winter if you’re thinking of a snow holiday with the family, be sure to have Hotham at the top of your list.  It will create memories that last a lifetime for kids and adults alike. Hope to see you up here!  


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