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By Physio Phebe
Posted 6 August, 2018

Stretching exercise
Standing exercise
Stretching exercise
Buggage is key

Whether you are travelling to Hotham by car, bus or plane, here are some simple tips to keep you feeling fresh and ready to hit the slopes on arrival.

When you are sitting your hip flexor and hamstring muscles are in a shortened position, so when travelling for a long period they can become tight. Plus, if you sit at a desk for work, they are often already quite tight! This can be detrimental when you jump out of the car and straight onto a board or skis, as the tight muscles can pull on your joints and lead to poor technique and ultimately a higher chance of injury. 
The best way to prevent this is is to stretch them out during your travel breaks. There are two simple and quick stretches that I recommend. 

Hip flexor instructions
Put one foot on a bench or the car seat and lunge forward.  

Hamstrings instructions
Put your heel up on the bench or seat and with a straight knee, reach to touch your toes.

Hold them for at least 30 seconds each and repeat each chance you get. If you do sit at a desk for work, try these stretches in the days/weeks leading up to your snow trip as a preventative. 

Another simple trick is when you stop for meal breaks, stand up! It sounds simple, but out of habit we often automatically return to sitting when eating, so just try and be mindful and stand while you eat. This will also help to lengthen those muscles and standing helps to activate brain function and increase circulation, which can help you feel fresher and less fatigued on your arrival. 

While it may seem practical to stuff all of your gear into one really big snowboard or ski bag, quite often you will find yourself in a situation where you can’t wheel it and need to lift it and that’s where things can get risky. Due to the awkward shape and heavy weight you risk overloading your back or shoulders,, which may start as a niggling pain but can then turn into a holiday ruining injury. Breaking your gear into several smaller bags is a better choice and anytime you lift something, try and keep it close to your body. 


"Physio Phebe" is our go-to for injury prevention and management advice for all things snow sports. Based in Bright, she is a director of Ovens Valley Physio & Pilates, who also service Hotham over the season. Following her love of alpine and action sports, Phebe works with Olympic athletes in skiing and mountain biking and is highly sought after to provide physio services to international teams and events.


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