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Posted 9 July, 2018. 

By Drew Jolowicz

With the school holidays upon us what better time to discuss how to get your kids loving the snow! 

This winter, many families will be choosing to spend their holidays at the snow. One of the best things about snow sports, is they can be enjoyed by the whole family. Whilst this is the case, there are few things to consider when it comes to skiing or snowboarding with the young ones.  To ensure your kids love the snow as much as you do, cast your eyes over the following list of tips and tricks to maximise the holiday snow fun.

Dressing appropriately

Try not to overdress or underdress.  As a general rule, kids will typically wear one extra layer compared to adults.  If its cold and you’re wearing three layers, they’ll wear four.  On a warmer sunny day, they might have three layers on compared to your two.  Have a spare change of clothes on hand.  Kids spend a lot of time rolling around in the snow, making snowballs to throw at mum and dad.  Spare gloves, under layers and socks will never go astray!  Also, children can be pretty good at losing gloves.  Use gloves or mittens that have a wrist strap to help minimise this problem!

Ski school is cool

Don’t worry, the kids will love it. Not only will they learn how to ski or snowboard, they’ll have heaps of fun and make new friends along the way. At Hotham, why not get the kids enrolled in either the Mighty Mights (ages 3-5) or Kids Club (ages 6-14) programs which offer both half and full day programs. 

Carry snacks and take regular breaks 

Kids burn a lot of energy enjoying the snow. Be sure to take regular breaks throughout the day.  Ensure they drink plenty of fluids and carry snacks in their pockets.  As a parent myself, I want my daughter to be healthy, however the odd piece of chocolate or sugary pick me up, is fine in moderation, especially when on holidays!

Ski boots (they’re not that bad)

Kids aren’t always the best communicators, therefore determining whether a ski boot fits can be challenging. In a correct fitting boot the heel should be well restrained, whilst there should be some space at the front of the boot so they can wriggle their toes.  When trying boots on, encourage children to get up and walk around to get the feel for the boot. Ski boots are heavier than a normal shoe. Try to avoid making them walk for long distances in ski boots (it will tire them out).    

Choose terrain carefully

Remember the world seems bigger when you’re smaller!  When selecting terrain, try crouching down to their height to see how it will look through their eyes.  That bump or rise that seems small to you, may seem big to them. Also try to avoid pushing your kids to ski in bad weather.  It’s important that early snow experiences are positive.  If it is a raging blizzard outside, maybe choose some of Hotham’s fun off snow activities for kids (please read on).

Holiday activities to entertain 

This season at Hotham there is plenty to keep the family entertained off the slopes. LEGOLAND® will be bringing fun and entertainment with hands on activities and events on offer.  There will also be Crayola Champions colouring competitions with daily prizes to be won. And who could forget Harry the Snowdragon, who performs live shows for the kids every Wednesday and Saturday at the Big D.  

By following some of these tips and tricks you will be sure to have a great stress free holiday at the snow.  The kids will have the time of their lives exploring everything Hotham has to offer.  By keeping snow sports fun and entertaining, it will definitely lead to happy faces and a lifetime of family snow enjoyment!


Drew is a Hotham local who was introduced to skiing at four years old. Since then he has been skiing at Hotham every winter, now aged in his 30's. His skiing has taken him all around the world in search of snow, with memorable destinations including Japan, North America, Canada and New Zealand. 

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