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Discovering Hotham's hidden gems

By Anita Coia

Posted July 2019

It’s easy to be distracted by Hotham’s steep and deep ski runs when you're perched at the top of our mountain, but it’s worth taking the time to appreciate the subtler beauties of Hotham.

Traverse Hotham ladies
Traverse Hotham groomed trail view
Traverse Hotham group of 4
Traverse Hotham sunset snowshoe experience

One way to do this is by slowing down the pace and taking to the hills, via our cross country ski trails.

Glen Clark from Traverse Hotham knows those trails like the back of his hand, and specialises in sharing his knowledge with guests via cross country skiing and snowshoeing.

360 degree views in the heart of Hotham Village

One of his favourite destinations is the summit of Mount Higginbotham at sunset.

“The view is stunning, and it’s not a place that winter visitors would normally ever see,” he says. “I love seeing the reactions on people’s faces when we reach the top.”

Guests have time to enjoy the play of pink and gold light as the sun sinks below the mountains, and amateur photographers have ample opportunity to capture that perfect Insta-worthy shot before returning to Hotham village.

“One of the great things about the sunset snowshoe tour is that it starts right in the Hotham village, which is a surprise to many people,” says Glen. “It provides a completely different perspective. It feels like you’re one hundred kilometres away from anywhere, yet you’re so close to the energy of the Hotham Village.”

Tranquility among the snow gums

Traverse Hotham also runs cross country ski lessons and tours, which take advantage of the 35km of cross country trails around Hotham.

“The pace is very different to downhill skiing,” says Glen. “It’s similar to bushwalking in that it’s an opportunity to enjoy the tranquillity of the bush, but you do it while the bush is covered in snow. It’s quite unique.”

Brigid, a Dinner Plain local, joined one of Traverse Hotham’s cross country ski tours last year, and loved it.

 “I love cross country skiing. I love going out by myself, taking my time,” she says.

Brigid broke her knee five years ago, so downhill skiing was not an option, and walking was part of her rehab. She bought a pair of snowshoes and hit the trails, then also took up cross country skiing on the trails around Dinner Plain.

“Being out there is magic, the trails are really well marked and some days you don’t see anyone else. It’s amazing.”

She joined one of Traverse Hotham’s half day cross country tours in 2018 because “I’m awful at cross country and want to improve,” she laughs.

“Glen was fantastic, really thorough in explaining everything. He was able to adjust my technique to avoid putting pressure on my knee.”

Book now!

Guests can book and join one of Traverse Hotham’s regular cross country and snowshoe tours, or large groups can have tours designed specifically for them.

Sunset Snowshoe Experience operates Wednesday and Saturday afternoons from Hotham Central (weather permitting).

Cross Country lessons operate Wednesdays and Saturdays at Hotham, bookings are essential, as well as Mondays at Dinner Plain.

Traverse Hotham offers ‘Intro to cross country’ for those who have done downhill or have tried cross country previously, and ‘Absolute Beginner’ for those who have never been on skis before.

Private and bespoke XC and snowshoe tours covering various levels of ability and areas around Hotham and Dinner Plain may also be arranged, subject to availability. Get a group of eight or more together for a guided snowshoe experience and enjoy 20% off – snowshoes hire is included!

Equipment hire

Snowshow hire is included in Traverse Hotham's snowshoe tours, but if you feel like hitting the trails by yourself, you can hire snowshoes and cross country skis from Hoys, conveniently located at Jack Frost and in the Hotham Village.


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Being out there is magic, the trails are really well marked and some days you don’t see anyone else. It’s amazing.

Brigid, Dinner Plain