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By Physio Phebe
Posted 23 August, 2018

Easy and simple exercises that can  warm up the important joints from the body


Quite often we are that excited to arrive on the mountain, we jump out of the car, kit up and hit the slopes ASAP. But, as for any kind of activity, warming up for skiing or boarding is pivotal to help reduce your chance of sustaining an injury. Here is my 5-minute warm-up routine that you can do in the carpark or the chalet before you hit that first run of the day.

Perform 10 reps of each of the following exercises (before you put your ski or snowboard boots on).

Calf Raises

• Standing with your feet hip width apart and hands on hips (or holding onto the car or a table as needed) • Raise up onto your toes

• Pause at the top, then slowly lower back down

Slow March

• Balancing on your left leg, bring your right hip and knee up as high as they will go

• Pause at the top, then slowly lower back down

• Alternate sides and keep your hands on your hips to help you balance

Slow March + Knee Circle

• Start the same as above, but when at the top bring your hip and knee out to the side

• Pause, then slowly lower back down to starting position

• Alternate sides and keep your hands on your hips to help you balance

Hip Circles

• Start with your hands on your hips and your feet a bit wider than hip width

• Lean forward slightly while pushing your hips back, to feel a stretch down the back of your legs, then move your hips in a slow circle motion

• Repeat in the opposite direction

Trunk Twists

• Start in the same position as above, then reach for your left ankle with you right hand while your left hand reaches up toward the sky/roof

• Pause, then return and alternate sides 

Then kit up and off you go!

If you find any of the exercises painful, I recommend you go and see one of our physio’s at the Hotham Medical centre before you head out, as they should not be painful to complete and may be a warning of a potential injury waiting to happen.



"Physio Phebe" is our go-to for injury prevention and management advice for all things snow sports. Based in Bright, she is a director of Ovens Valley Physio & Pilates, who also service Hotham over the season. Following her love of alpine and action sports, Phebe works with Olympic athletes in skiing and mountain biking and is highly sought after to provide physio services to international teams and events.


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