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Festival of Biathlon

9-10 July 2022

A Festival of Biathlon weekend is being held in July, and includes the opportunity for everyone to come and try this Olympic sport at Australia's only internationally certified Biathlon range at Whiskey Flat. 

Biathlon activties will be held across the weekend to showcase biathlon in Victoria. Activities will include Time-Trial event, C&T Biathlon and Fun Relays. 

Come and Try Day - Saturday 9 July

2.00pm to 3.00pm: Come and try Biathlon  - this is for both .22 biathlon and laser biathlon. If you would like to use an ABA Club rifle. please indicate when registering.


Come and Try Biathlon:  No cost

Time Trial Events and Fun Relays:  $15 for time trial and inclusion in fun relays 


Membership of Australian Biathlon is required to attend the Festival of Biathlon events, If you do not have a membership, please become a Target Pass member, which is at no cost and allows attendance at 2 biathlon sessions. 

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