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Swindler's - it's for the people

Posted Thursday 30 August 2018

You can find it all at Swindlers, from pizza and darts, chicken wings and the footy, a beer and the terrain park, a cocktail and watching the sunset or underground tunes and a boogie. The prime location helps of course, but the hype that has built up around not only the events but also the food is known far and wide around the mountain.

Adrian, Jed and Sam (or wombat as he is affectionately known) want Swindlers to be for everyone. “It’s for the people” is their regular refrain.

Friends for 25 years, more than 20 years between them on the mountain and now they’re working together, bringing their passion for Hotham to their work at Swindlers.

Having worked at the venue for many years, Adrian has moved into the role of manager, bringing with him a desire for an enjoyable workplace; a family feeling where fun is had at work (and on the slopes) and the views are spectacular.

And then there's the music...

There’s also the very important aspect of Swindler’s reputation as a top music venue, with the regular Saturday night ‘Swindler’s Underground’ and a constant procession of well-known DJs working the decks on a regular basis.

People who were used to the old Swindlers might not recognise it this year. The venue has been refurbished, repainted and re-vibed. The updates have not only been on the outside, but also the inside; staff have a new uniform and fresh, happy faces.

This was important for the team as they know the significance of keeping an energetic workplace and an exciting community around their business. Progression was key, moving forward and keeping everything fresh and engaging.

Speaking of fresh and engaging, ‘the people’ are very well catered for in the food department, with vegan and gluten-free options, and some of the most creative pizza toppings around.

Jed (head-chef) who started off washing dishes at the venue 10 years ago, keeps it interesting in the kitchen. The classics (parmas, steaks and burgers) are popular items that have been lovingly created, spurring customers to come back time and again. 

Did someone say 'pizza'?!

The pizzas in particular are mindbendingly good. Inspired by Italy and Canada, the regular special keeps everyone guessing and has included such inspired creations as a ‘Big Mac’ or beef and blue cheese, and a definite highlight was the recent Spiced Cauliflower and Mozzarella on a Cheese Sauced Base, topped off with a Mersey Valley Sharp Chedder and Castello Blue Cheese Dressing and Pangrattato.

It’s obvious that the pizzas have been painstakingly researched and perfected by Sam and his team, to the point where the recipes are now sought after by many.

It is clear when talking to the tightknit team that they love what they do and cannot wait to share their passion for the mountain, and Swindlers, with you for many more seasons to come.


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