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Toboggan slopes are not yet open for the 2024 winter season. Our team is working hard to provide a safe tobogganing area as soon as possible.
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Posted 20 May, 2024

With less than 3 weeks until the long weekend and our scheduled opening, the temp’s are dropping and the mountain is buzzing with activity. There are a lot of moving parts in a ski resort and the Hotham team is hard at it, making sure that we’re ready for you when the season kicks off.  

We’re excited to introduce our new Senior Mountain Ops Manager, Luke Rickards, who joins us this season from Perisher, with 25 years’ experience in Mountain Operations. He’s excited to be part of the experienced Hotham crew and community. Hear from Luke on what the team has been busy doing to get the resort ready for opening.  

Excitement is in the air at Hotham as we are busily loading chairs onto lifts, completing final maintenance checks, and firing up our snow guns. With early morning temps dipping below freezing today, our snowmaking team are ready to assist Mother Nature. Our goal is not just to make snow, but to ensure its sustainable enough to build a solid base for the season. 

At Hotham, we take pride in our sophisticated snowmaking setup. It’s more than just flicking a switch; optimal snow production needs a wet bulb temperature of at least -2 degrees Celsius. Wet bulb temperature is a calculation of relative humidity and ambient air temperature. Essentially, we need the perfect combination of cold air and low humidity. 

Our snow guns are each equipped with their own weather station, providing real time data allowing us to take advantage of every possible snow making condition across the resort.  

The operations team is fully prepared and eager to join forces with Mother Nature to ensure the resort is ready for your arrival.  

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