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Tuesday 10 August is Census night

Posted 5 August 2021

The Australian Census is taking place on Tuesday 10 August. Every five years, the Australian Bureau of Statistics counts every person and household in Australia for the Census of Population and Housing.

Governments and businesses use the information to:

  • make important decisions about transport, schools, health care, roads and buildings
  • help plan local services for individuals, families and communities.

Complete the Census for the location you are in on 10th August

The most important thing you need to know about the Census is that you must complete it with details about the location you are actually in, on the night of Tuesday 10 August 2021. You can fill in the form before 10 August if you are 100% sure about where you will be that night.

This means that if you are at Mt Hotham, you need to include your Mt Hotham location details on the form you receive at Mt Hotham.  This requirement still applies during the current Victorian 7 day lockdown.

You don’t use the details for your normal home location if you are not there.

How to get the Census form

The Census forms are currently being distributed at Mt Hotham, so if you will be at the resort on the night of Tuesday 10 August, you will receive a form.

If you are in a private dwelling (ie you are not in a holiday rental), you will receive a form over the next few days.

If you have rented holiday accommodation, your accommodation provider will give you a form to complete.

How to fill out the Census form

You can submit your Census data via the printed form, or online. However, to complete the Census online you must use the unique code provided on the Census form you have been given.

More questions?

If you are in a holiday rental on the night of Tuesday 10 August and haven’t received a form, please contact your accommodation manager.

Otherwise please check the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ 2021 Census website: