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Hoff Hut proves a winner

By Justin Jenvey

Posted 24 July 2019

The word is well and truly out - delicious food and drink is now available on the slopes at the newly refurbished Joyce Brockhoff Hut.   

If on the other hand you've been living under a rock, you might be interested to know that the iconic hut on Heavenly Valley has been transformed into a delightful little café.  

Behind this hidden gem are good mates Jamie Walker and Mark Simmons who first floated the idea several years ago.   

Hearty food and busy times

Renovated and renamed Hoff Hut Hotham, a choice of soups, stews, curries, quiches and pastries, barista-made coffee, hot chocolate and beer and wine has guaranteed a steady flow of skiers and boarders each day this winter.

“We’re open from 8:30am but it starts getting busy at 9-9:30 in the morning,” Mark says.  

“From then until about 12pm everyone is here for a coffee or hot chocolate…people think it’s terrific.”

Being green and future plans

Keeping with Hotham’s commitment to reduce landfill, cups, bowls and utensils are all biodegradable while beer and all wine, comes in cans. 

In fact, the two were focused on recycling before opening with Jamie re-using materials from his own farm to build the counter and some of the furniture.

With a host of regular visitors and others still discovering Hoff Hut, it looks set to remain extremely popular, while Jamie and Mark plan to add even more to the experience once spring hits.

They hope to make the most of the deck with daily barbeques and music and showcase different beer and wine with a couple of wineries already showing interest in doing some tastings there.

Change of pace

While the Hoff Hut pair are familiar with Hotham and hospitality, starting up and running a café is completely different to what they both now do outside of winter.  

Jamie, who was previously the lift manager at Hotham, now runs cattle in Omeo while Mark, who lives in Dinner Plain in winter, is a developer and project manager in Queensland.

“We were pushing for a while to get this and are very happy we have but we didn’t realise it was going to be so full-on,” Jamie said.

“We also didn’t think it was going to be as busy as it has been…everyone is rapt we’re here and I reckon more than 20 people a day come and say how good it is.”

Visiting Hoff Hut

So far, it’s been mainly Jamie and Mark running the café with their wives and three other staff lending a hand, however they are still looking to add more help, especially for later in the season.     

If you’re not quite sure how to get to Brockhoff Hut, head up Heavenly Valley, exit right and go down Milky Way where halfway down and on your left you’ll find it, just below the top of Black Snake.

With hearty food and a drink to warm you up or quench your thirst in an awesome location, you won’t be disappointed.


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Everyone is rapt we’re here and I reckon more than 20 people a day come and say how good it is

Jamie, Hoff Hut