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Author: DJEddy Created: Thursday, May 28, 2009
A music guru who has legendary status across the high country and internationally, DJ Eddy mixes with best of them. Stay tuned to hear his verdict on all that is rad on the slopes right now, or request a song.... who knows where it might be played?

ive been at uni all week so cant pan the jag up just yet chris .im studying dj dymamix .if its ok to twist requests into free petrol or other barter systems .chris i spent so much time sking and spinin discs that i forgot to do english just ask anyone from baw baw and they can decode local slang .ive got a new toaster so will drop the beats through the toaster on the 23rd thanks for all you nutburgers dropin in messages cant wait to drop some turns with you all .i just got a milkshake made of soymilk .dont try it its made of crushed beans and tastes like crushed beans .we need to support the dairy dudes .just workin on a mix of mettalica and enja its gunna twist your undies .see ya in the deep white doonas luv eddy .

fruitcakes what a birthday we had with the queen .pete zirky once told me that 16th century austrian foklore claims drinking 9 gluweins before your first run of the season will tide a great winter .so early sat i sipped 9 and took a run down the basin to get the legs goin then into slalom gully for some pure g.s pleasure [i took a thermos of gluwein just in case the cover got a bit thin] but it was good right through to the village chair . i got down a bit early 7.13 so the chair wasent spinin i just shoulderd me skis and walked up it was awesome lots of birds and realy got my legs in shape .now i look at me bases though maybe the cover was a bit thin in places .no worry a p.tex candle in the wind and me bases look like a new laminex benchtop. rad night sunday at the genral for the first eddy of the season i could tell you guys were digin the into beyonce mix and the floor was shakin when guru josh mashed into presets .nice to see maradona there hes a little out of shape but looks like hes been havin some...

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welcome ski freaks!

d.j eddy in the gate, shins on the wand, and ready to let you deep into my mind.

summer cooked me; i was spinin discs at the & 39th falls festival, then up in byron at the great northern and down at bells for the pro surfin. now im ready to share my inermost secrets with you, nuts time to get radical and invite mother winter into our beds.

i cant wait to arc it up for opening weekend see ya sunday night at the genny.

love eddy