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Sep 2

Written by: DJEddy
Tuesday, September 02, 2008 

fruity fruitcakes rejoice ,there is hope in the world as last night at the genny angels decended on eddy ,like a snow storm [whooooooo its snowin now ] A couple of months back 5 or 6 angels came to my show, gliding above the dance floor as if in powder .they were from melbs and had a week to enjoy the fruits of the mighty mt .hotham .they performed superb dance moves and helped eddy with a couple of medical probs.yesterday in a white out of desire, the angels accelerated from melbs to hotham in the honda bubble,they arrived for my show all attired as milk maids [i know they are nurses you cant trick eddy that easy ] they showed me how to milk a cow [i know how, but let them show me, as it was a great presentation] so i drop on bended knee to the angels we may all be married now let us live in bliss with skis on feet and milk to drink the beautiful angels have returned i rejoice . love now love later .dj eddy.


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Re: eddys angels

Yo Eddy This is sam Im coming back from France to go skiin with ya. Have fun

By Sam on   Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Re: eddys angels


we are back in melbs again... but dont worry we will stalk you down again one day and dance the night away... perhaps in nurse outfits next time...

awesome blog xxxx

By eddys favourite angels on   Wednesday, September 03, 2008

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