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Sep 4

Written by: DJEddy
Wednesday, September 04, 2013 

Just cause its come a bit early dont mean you cant enjoy it, Spring is the time for extreme pleasure at Hotham and here is why, [1] Soft snow so you can get rad and try new trix and crash and it feels good .[2] suntans , only on ya melon but if you ski nude you can get a start on ya summer look .[3] " ski all day party all night " warmer nights and long days to sip beers and gluwein and have spas and live the ski lifestyle, [4] Massage , after a day of bump and park airs a full body massage is super relaxed and key for a good party warm up, [5] we all look good rippin in shades and a wet tee, shirt. [6] im DJ, ing a lot this week for your sptingtime dance down sequence so get up to Hoth to get down to me, and monday the 9th is the BOAGS GENERAL trip of a lifetime final draw a $2000 travel voucher to shoot to your best spot in the universe evreyone will be there at club GENERAL to get buckwild and have one last chance to win . LOVE IN THE WARM WHITE WORLD DJ EDDY .


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