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Aug 20

Written by: DJEddy
Saturday, August 20, 2011 

So late at night while im spinin tunes for you nutcakes to dance down to there are snowizard units in big old alaskan suits mixin air and water through big yellow guns so we have fresh snow in times of need, i love em, they make thick gluey snow for hours and lots of it to give us snow depth ,then they make powder on top for ski pleasure, its radical and so much fun to ski on, then they come home and sleep all day like night nurses and wake again at sundown to do it again, i love you white vampires, THANKS AND KEEP PUMPING ,LOVE DJ TECNO ALPIN EDDY. p.s watch out hotham zombies 29TH AUG DJ EDDY V,S HOTHAM ZOMBIES club general store ,gifts for rotting zombies.


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Re: snowmakin vampires and deliveries of white gold

Appreciate the sentiments TechnoAlpinEddy! You'll have to join us one night to provide the beats to keep us pumping out white love.

Regards, Snow Vamps

By Snowmakin Vampires on   Friday, September 09, 2011

Re: snowmakin vampires and deliveries of white gold

love to get out there and make snow , as long as i can bring hot gluwein and a thermos full of sausages ill do it and beats yes i got lots LOVE DJ EDDY

By DJEddy on   Friday, September 09, 2011

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