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Aug 6

Written by: DJEddy
Saturday, August 06, 2011 

Just picked up the fin review , gold is up, but right this minute now my gold is white and its twisting down from the clouds, its gunna snow this week so mumma winter is back to tell all the little wrens they are wrong and the wattles to go back to sleep, i love hearin the snow prophets chatin " ohhh i saw a blue wren,winter is over " WRONG, winter will keep givin well into september cause i said so, and we just had the radest dayz of music up here at hotham it was like a festival, ricki wood has been gettin all hendrix and dropin sweet tunes at chill bar , dallas frasca burned down the house at general store and is on t,night for another gig , calling all cars rocked swindlers and myself dj eddy had a massive monday show last week at club gemeral store, so its snowin the speakers are pumpin ill be spinnin on the 15th for dj eddy show ,see you ski freaks up in the clouds LOVE DJ EDDY . .. p.s comin up DJ EDDY V,S THE HOTHAM ZOMBIES 29th aug club general store ,gifts for rotting zombies .love dj eddy .


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