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Jun 22

Written by: DJEddy
Wednesday, June 22, 2011 

Helmets make your hair look like wombat fur , hats flatten it out into bad shapes, so today as i pleasured myself in the soft deep pillows of mt hotham fresh snow my hair became frozen, but it looked good and stayed in the style that i like, so i just stayed out skiing for longer and longer until the towies said"eddy last ride brother you must go in the lifts are closing" but i knew if i went indoors my hair would thaw out and get saggy and wet and mess my sick style , so i send you this blog as i hike out of aussie drift , hair still perfect ,deep frozen wind on my face, powder swirling around my bolle's, and a perfect hotham storm and i may never go inside again as this natural hotham frozen hair gel is my favorite .BIG DEEP WHITE LOVE DJ EDDY.


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