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Jun 6

Written by: DJEddy
Monday, June 06, 2011 

Busted at work, just sneekin out for a ciggy break but got the planks out and the bosses iron and waxed em up. Busted, sent out on a delivery but spent 50 mins in a ski shop watchin the latest ski porn and jumpin off the ski boot fittin chairs cause you were so amped. Busted, puttin ya chains on and drivin up and down mt dandenong with a light frost [just to get the feel]. . Busted with ya new jacket and pants on ridin ya longboard down the street to get some tim tams. .So if ya havent been busted yet make sure ya do, cause if ya got SNOW pumpin through those veins of yours then ya get let off every time , LOVE IN A SNOW STORM ,DJ EDDY. . p.s see you stormfreaks sunday night club general .


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