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Jun 6

Written by: DJEddy
Sunday, June 06, 2010 

Do you , 1. On cold may mornings put your ski boots [or board slippers]on and launch of the couch with the latest snow mega film on the telly and hot for teacher by VAN HALEN on the blaster for three or more hours . 2 .Sleep on the back patio in your sleeping bag [so your nose gets cold]. 3 .Throw on your new ski jacket and hat plus ya gogs,thermals ,pants ,old ski pass ,and scarf and dance down pullin 3s and 7s in front of the mirror [to bonkers by the DIZZY RASCAL] and know you look good. 4.Lob into the local ski shop and drill the tech dude on a pair of sleds or a board ,ask him every freakin question on the core layup ,the graph on the rocker flex ,who the artist that layed down the spay is partying with,if it spins both ways , and then leave the shop after 3 hours feeling hot cause you already own that stick ,but you just wanted the shop freak to tell you how rad it is . 5.Gaze up into the clouds when your hamerrin down a hill on your skatey and know that the belly of every last one of those clouds is full of fresh creamy powder ,and there sniffers are locked on mt hotham. 6.Jump off ya letter box into a deep puddle ,just to get a face shot. 7.Wear ya thermals and ski socks to work under ya work clobber ,even though you work in a central heated office and you have rivers of sweat flowing down ya plumbers crack all day. . . So i dont even have to tell you then, you are a' snowfreak ' and i love you for that alone [well maybe a coupla other things ] .So its ok ya dont have to drop $300 clams on a shrink ,you are one of us ,and if your not yet ,you will be . .Big white cold love DJ.EDDY.p.s see you fruitcakes at the genny sunday the 13th [i got beats that can make it snow]

Copyright ©2010 DJ


2 comment(s) so far...

Re: White brain.

Well, I wear my thermals, I gaze up at the clouds. Great to see you back, You make me laugh out loud-always a good thing to do.

By Maud on   Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Re: White brain.

YEEEEhaaaaaa maud, hope the thermometers are runnin mild ,cheers dj eddy.

By DJEddy on   Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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