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Hotham believes that everyone can and should enjoy the thrill of snowsports, including people with a disability. Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA) runs a resort services program at Hotham, providing DWA members with volunteer guides, specialised adaptive equipment, discounted lift tickets and disability-specific information for visiting the mountain.

About Disabled Winterport Australia (DWA)

Established in 1978 as the Australian Disabled Skiers Federation, we are now known as Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA). 

DWA is the National Sporting Organisation (NSO) body responsible for Adaptive Winter Sport in Australia, and every year assists thousands of individuals with disabilities to participate in winter sports. 

DWA members range from recreational skiers to Australia’s Winter Paralympians. Membership with the organisation entitles members to concessions on lift tickets and private lessons at all ski resorts in Australia. 

At Hotham, through the resort services program, membership gives you access to:

  • an extensive range of adaptive ski equipment; 
  • volunteer DWA guides; and 
  • concessions on lift passes and private lessons.

For information that addresses all aspects of the full visitor experience specific to people with disabilities and their families/friends visit DWA's website via the button below or call Mt Hotham Resort Services Manager Phil Knight on 0412 270 764.


Requesting Adaptive Snowsports Equipment

DWA provides specialist adaptive winter sport equipment at Mt Hotham. The types of equipment provided is based on expected use, and we continually reassess the equipment mix to ensure maximum availability. 

As a DWA member, you have access to this equipment at no charge. Adaptive equipment can be requested by DWA members by visiting DWA's website and completing the online Guide Request form. 


Requesting a volunteer DWA guide

DWA has a growing number of volunteer guides local to Hotham, who have been trained by DWA to assist members with on-snow activities. The DWA volunteer guide enables members to ski with friends and family, making a snow trip a truly shared alpine experience. Some examples of on-snow support include:

  • Chairlift loading / unloading,
  • Tethering of sit ski to provide additional stability and support on snow so you get more skiing/riding time.
  • Enhance your on-snow experience by expanding the areas accessible to you by providing “bucketing” support through sections of more difficult terrain. 
  • “Bucketing” support where the DWA member requires complete support to enjoy the on-snow experience.
  • Audible communication for Vision Impaired DWA members

To request a volunteer DWA guide, please head to DWA's website and complete the online Guide Request form. 

Please note:

  • DWA volunteer guides are not snow sports instructors and cannot teach/instruct you. If you would like lessons with a trained instructor, please see the “Lessons” tab. 
  • All guides are volunteers, which means availability cannot be guaranteed. 

While DWA make every effort to fulfil guide requests, we rely on members providing reasonable notice (via a Guide Request) to maximise the likelihood of a guide being available. We recommend providing 1-2 weeks’ notice.

Lift Tickets 

Through the support of the Australian Ski Areas Association (ASAA) and Mt Hotham, DWA members are provided with a 50% concession on a regular full day lift tickets (adults and children) on presentation of your current valid DWA membership card at any Hotham ticket office.

This concession applies both to the DWA Member with a disability and a person providing on-snow support if needed. This is aligned to the goal of providing access for people with disabilities at the same price of a single lift pass. 

You will need to purchase your lift tickets and present your DWA membership card at any ticket outlet. 

Please be aware that DWA lift tickets cannot be purchased online at this point in time. 

Adaptive Snowsports Lessons

Hotham Ski & Ride School has instructors trained to provide adaptive snowsports lessons to people with all types of disabilities. Their friendly, enthusiastic, and experienced instructors can help you advance and develop your adaptive skiing/riding skills and make your visit to Hotham even more enjoyable. 

DWA strongly recommends that DWA members take regular lessons to learn how to properly and safely ski or ride with the adaptive equipment, and to progress skill development if that is your goal. Members can request a DWA volunteer guide to assist during your lesson so that your instructor can focus on delivering the lesson. 

It is recommended that you book adaptive lessons by phone so that you can discuss your specific requirements and capabilities with the Hotham Ski & Ride School. 

Hotham Ski & Ride School also provides concessional access to private lessons for DWA members at a 50% discount. Please contact them for more specific information about these concessions. 

Adults Ski & Ride School
Phone: 03 5759 4450

Kids Ski & Ride School    
Phone: 03 5759 4451


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