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Snake Gully Hut

Posted 19 February, 2024

Hey you, lightening fast Baristas - listen up!

We’ve got sugar coated donuts, not sugar-coated job ads.

Snake Gully Hut is one of THE best on-snow hospo jobs at Mt Hotham.

You know the one, the spot right at the base of the Heavenly Valley chair lift– you’ve never had a job quite like it!

You get fresh tracks to work every day, and free breakfast when you get there!

It’s fried, it’s fast, and we put a whole lotta love into creating an amazing on snow coffee hut, kiosk and bar vibe.

We enhance the on-snow atmosphere with daily happy hours, weekly DJs, plus promo events. 

There’s the sugar, here’s the rest…

Baby it’s cold outside, and that’s the way we like it in a ski resort.

Sometimes customers are having all the fun, and we are busy working – go figure - but if you’re just like us, you’re loving what you do, and being with us in the heart of all the action behind the counter!

We all pitch in to get the job done and being part of the team means doing a bit of everything.

Once coffee rush slows down, an all-rounded approach to your job is essential.
A valid RSA, an ability to bring a high level of customer service and tonnes of fun vibes is essential.

Getting to work every day involves being confident to ski or ride a blue run.

If you can manage that, continue reading…

You will need to arrive with a minimum of 2 years coffee making experience and willingness to extract coffee ahead of time during busy times … that’s right, we are about lightning fast skills and a passion for perfection in every compostable cup.

Customer demand means you’ll always be racing against the clock, timing orders on your KDS screen, & making sure our guests are back on the slopes for their next heavenly turns as quickly as possible.

Beyond the basics, you should have an in-depth understanding, of espresso extraction.  This includes achieving the perfect balance of flavour, aroma, and crema in every shot.  Your expertise allows you to adjust variables such as grind size, tamping pressure, and extraction time to consistently produce espresso of the highest quality.

You will know the importance of adjusting equipment on the fly, because you can be sure you’ll need to compensate for changing elements on the fly.


There’s little time for training, so our ideal candidate is someone who is comfortable to hit the ground running and is confident to deliver results from day one, they’ll be willing to work as a team of 2 on the machine as demand requires and has a basic understanding of coffee machine care and maintenance.


If this is the sort of thing that froths your milk, come talk to us.

Applications now open


Employment commences June/July 2024 

Accommodation available.