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Snake Gully Hut

Posted 10 February, 2023


We’ve got sugar coated donuts, not sugar-coated job ads.

Snake Gully Hut is possibly the best on-snow hospo job at Hotham.

Right at the base of the best chair lift in town – you’ve never had a job quite like it!

You get fresh tracks to work every day, and free breakfast when you get there!

It’s fried, it’s fast, and we put a whole lotta love into our simple little shack.

There’s the sugar, here’s the rest…

Baby it’s cold outside, and that’s the way we like it in a ski resort.

Sometimes customers are having all the fun and we are busy working – go figure - but if you’re just like us, you’re keeping the vibes high with us behind the counter!

We all pitch in to get the job done and being part of the team means doing a bit of everything.

Getting to work every day involves being confident to ski or ride a blue run.

If you can manage that, continue reading…


Hey you, Barista!

You won’t find cold brew here and we serve in compostable cups – however the coffee volume is high & the standard is higher.

The fast pace means you’ll be viewing orders on your KDS screen. You also know how to adjust your equipment on the fly, because you can be sure the changing elements will throw you a curve ball or two... And consistency of coffee is key to our customers.
If this is the sort of thing that froths your milk, come talk to us.


And you, the F&B All-Rounder Super Star!

If you’ve ever worked and loved large scale events – you’ll love this role.

It’s exciting, it involves handling food, but nearly all our food is prepped in an offsite kitchen and heated, toasted, fried before being ready to serve!

 At the bar we focus on cracking cans, shaking cocktails and pouring shots.

We enhance the on-snow atmosphere with daily happy hours, weekly DJs, plus promo events. An ability to bring your responsible service of alcohol experience along with a high level of customer service and fun vibes is essential.


If you want to join a team who are proud of their high hospo standards then 

Apply here


Employment commences June 2023.