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Season Permits

For regular visitors and those planning to travel to the resort multiple times throughout the snow season, season permits offer excellent value. Season permits are available to vehicles carrying less than 12 people including a driver. 

NEW FOR 2022: We are giving guests the option to upgrade from a standard to a refundable permit*, for only an additional $50, that provides an extra level of certainty when purchasing. You can find out details by clicking the Terms and Conditions below. *Terms and conditions apply.


If you have purchased a resort entry permit (day or season) in previous years and have an account, you can save time by logging in to your account.


Season Permits Pricing
Hotham Season Permit for Vehicle $585
Hotham Season Permit for Vehicle – Refundable* $585 + $50 = $635

*Terms and Conditions apply


What types of permits can I purchase from the online resort entry system?

Day, multiday and season permits for private vehicles.

School and group permits are available for vehicles with 11 or more passengers.

Do I need a resort entry permit if I am arriving after 3:00pm?

All vehicles stopping within the resort boundary are required to have a valid resort entry permit for that day. If you purchase a multi-day resort entry permit and arrive in the resort after 3:00pm on your first day, then the first day of your permit will be free.

Do I have to stop at the resort entry point?

Mt Hotham’s resort entry system is managed through cameras at the resort entry points. Your vehicle registration plates will be recorded and matched to your pre-purchased resort entry fee payment. You may be stopped at a Visitor Service Point during your travels along the Great Alpine Road to Mt Hotham Resort.

Do I need a resort entry permit if I am travelling through the resort? 

If you travel directly through the resort and do not stop, you do not require a resort entry permit. Your resort exit point must differ from your resort entry point.

Do I need a resort entry permit if I am staying in Dinner Plain?  

If you are passing through the resort to stay in Dinner Plain you don’t need a resort entry permit. However, if you stop at any time within the resort boundaries you are required to purchase a permit. If you are staying in Dinner Plain and are visiting the resort for the day, you must purchase a permit.

Do I need a resort entry permit if I am just dropping off family / friends within the resort to ski or stopping to have lunch?  

Yes, all vehicles stopping within the resort boundary must have a valid permit.

Do I need a resort entry permit if I’m visiting in winter and will be snow camping, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing etc. outside the resort boundary, my vehicle will be parked safely on the side of the road and I will not be using any resort facilities? 

If your vehicle will be parked outside the resort boundary, a permit is not required. If you are parked within the resort boundary such as at Diamantina Hut you will require a resort entry permit.

Resort entry points are at Buckland Gap (Harrietville side) and Mother Johnson’s (Dinner Plain/Omeo side).

Do I need a resort entry permit if I park at Wangaratta Ski Club? 

Yes, you will need a resort entry permit because Wangaratta Ski Club is located within the resort boundary.

What if I cannot make it through the resort without stopping (e.g. mechanical problems)?

Please contact us on 035759 3550 as soon as possible.

What happens if I do not buy a resort entry permit?

An infringement notice will be issued to any vehicle stopping in the resort that does not have a valid resort entry permit.

What if I wish to stay longer?

You will need to access your Resort Entry account and purchase a new permit before your current permit expires, for the additional days you wish stay. 

Will an “All Resorts” Season Permit be available in 2022?

No this product is no longer available.


Which credit cards can I use?

We accept payment by Visa and Mastercard only.

Can I get a tax invoice?

A tax invoice is automatically emailed to your registered email address when you purchase a permit.


Why do I need to give my mobile phone number when registering?

Providing your mobile number allows us to send you important road condition updates and relevant resort information via SMS.

Why must I get the vehicle registration number correct?

You need to provide your vehicle’s number plate detail so a permit can be assigned to the vehicle. Our number plate recognition system notes your number plate detail and checks if you have a permit. If you have incorrectly entered the number plate detail your vehicle will be deemed as not having a resort entry permit and will incur an infringement notice.


(Under the Alpine Resorts (Management) Regulations 2020)

  • All vehicles stopping* within the boundaries of the Mt Hotham Alpine Resort must pay a fee to enter the resort. 
    * Vehicles transiting the resort without stopping do not require a permit. Transit time allowed is 60 minutes.
  • The fees and associated electronic Resort Entry Vehicle Permit (the Permit) can be purchased through
  • The Permit is matched to the vehicle's registration through radio identified camera data at resort entry points.
  • Guests can purchase day, multiday or season Permits. These conditions apply to Season Permits.
  • The Permit is only valid on vehicles with the capacity to carry less than 12 passengers, including the driver, even if some of these seats are vacant.
  • The Permit is not valid on commercially operated vehicles, in line with Road Safety Act 1986.
  • During the Declared Snow Season, all vehicles must carry diamond pattern wheel chains suitable to be properly fitted to that vehicle and fit where directed.


  • "Act" means the Alpine Resorts (Management) Act 1997;
  • "Authorised Officer" means a person appointed by the Secretary as an Authorised Officer under section 83 of the Conservation, Forests and Lands Act 1987.
  • "Regulations" means the Alpine Resorts (Management) Regulations 2020;
  • "Board" means the Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board;
  • "Commercial Motor Vehicles" include any Motor Vehicle which is used or intended to be used for carrying passengers for hire or reward;
  • "Conditions" means these Permit Conditions;
  • “Declared Snow Season” means the start and finish dates of the snow season as determined and advised by the MHARMB each year.  The snow season usually spans from Queens Birthday Weekend in mid-June to the end of September or early October.
  • "Mt Hotham" means the Mt Hotham Alpine Resort;
  • "Season Vehicle Permit Holder" (Permit Holder) means the person holding a Permit;
  • "Permitted Vehicle" means a motor vehicle for which a Permit has been issued;
  • "Permit" means a category of Permit for a privately registered motor vehicle only (with a seating capacity of 12 or less including the driver) excluding commercial motor vehicles;
  • “Standard Permit” is a Permit that offers no capacity for refund in any circumstances;
  • “Upgraded Refundable Permit” is a Permit that offers a pro-rata refund in certain circumstances;
  • "Infringement Notice" is a notice issued under the Road Safety Act 1986 Road Safety (General) Regulations 2020;

General Conditions

Permits are purchased subject to the following additional conditions:

  • All guests are advised to purchase their own travel insurance prior to travel.
  • The Standard Permit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • The Upgraded Refundable Permit offers a pro-rata refund in certain limited circumstances and is non-transferable.
  • The Permit entitles the Permitted Vehicle unlimited day and/or overnight resort entry to Mt Hotham during the Declared Snow Season stipulated on the Permit.
  • One vehicle registration number only can be nominated per Permit.
  • The registration number allocated to this Season’s Permit cannot be changed once purchase has been finalised. Should a vehicle be sold during the Season, a replacement will only be issued to vehicles registered in the same name as the Permit Holder and proof of ownership via registration papers must be produced (replacement fees apply).
  • The use of the Permit shall not be used to provide commercial gain to the vehicle owner or Permit Holder, or any other person or entity.

Abide by Regulations

  • The driver of the Permitted Vehicle must comply with the directions of the Board under Alpine Resorts (Management) Regulations 2020 (Regulations) given at any time or from time to time in the interests of safety or for the management, protection or control of traffic at Mt Hotham.
  • The driver of the Permitted Vehicle must comply with the Regulations and directions relating to diamond pattern wheel chains and ensure that the vehicle is suitably equipped to drive on a declared Hazardous Road and on icy and snow covered roads.
  • The driver must indemnify and keep indemnified the Mt Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board from and against any and all claims, losses, damage and liability (whether civil or criminal) including any injury or death which is incurred by the Board as a result of the use of the vehicle at Mt Hotham whether by the driver, any person claiming under the driver or any third party.
  • The driver and any person claiming under the driver releases the Board from and against any claim, loss, damage or liability (whether civil or criminal) including injury or death as a result of the use of the vehicle at Mt Hotham.
  • Under Regulation 29 a vehicle left without lawful authority in the Resort may be seized and removed by an Authorised Officer and may be retained until the owner reimburses the cost of removal, retention and release of the vehicle.


  • The Permit Holder must indemnify and keep indemnified the Board, its employees, agents or contractors from and against any and all claims, losses, damage and liability (whether civil or criminal) including any injury or death which is incurred by the Board as a result of the use of the Permitted Vehicle at Mt Hotham whether at the suit of the Permit Holder, any persons claiming under the Permit Holder or at the suit of any third party.


  • The Permit Holder and any person claiming on behalf of the Permit Holder forever releases the Board, its employees, agents or contractors from and against any claim, loss, damage or liability (whether civil or criminal) including injury or death as a result of the use of the Permitted Vehicle at Mt Hotham.

Notification of Changes

  • The Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board reserves the right to change these Permit conditions where necessary.

Refunds and Cancellations

Season permit sales will be made in two categories:

1. A ‘standard’ non-refundable permit; and,

2. An ‘upgraded’ permit that includes a fee that entitles the holder to a refund (less upgrade fee) in the circumstances set out in this policy.

1. ‘Standard’ non-refundable season permit

a) When completing the season permit resort entry purchase, the visitor must acknowledge they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions that states, the permit is non-refundable if they have not upgraded their permit.  This includes under any COVID-19 scenarios. However the standard permit does not exclude or modify any remedies a consumer may have because of a failure by RMB to comply with the consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law or if RMB is otherwise required by law to provide a refund or other remedy.

2. Upgraded season permit

a) Season permit holders will be offered the option to upgrade to a refundable permit for the additional cost of $50.  The upgrade fee is non-refundable.

b) Refunds must be applied for no later than 31 October 2022.

c) Upgraded season permits (less the upgrade fee) will be refunded upon request in the following circumstances, in addition to any refund or other remedy required by law:

Medical (injury or illness) Where there is an inability to travel due to an incapacitating medical reason. A medical certificate relative to specific permit dates and reason preventing travel must be supplied from an independent medical practitioner. Further supporting evidence may be requested.

If there is an unexpected death of the permit holder or an immediate family member of the permit holder and supporting evidence in the form of a medical/death certificate is supplied.


If a Government or Regulatory Authority introduces restrictions or public health orders that directly prevent the permit holder from traveling on their intended dates. This does not include restrictions due to attending an exposure site, awaiting COVID test results or change of mind due to the existence or risk of COVID -19.


d. Upgraded season permits will be refunded on a pro-rata basis of the value of the season permit purchased (less the upgrade fee which is non-refundable) using the below table:

Number of days in resort

Refund percentage































7 or more days

Not eligible for refund

e) To calculate days used the administration team will use camera data entry and exits of registration aligned to permit.

f) Supporting documentation may also be required and reviewed as part of the decision-making process.

g) Season permits cannot be transferred to another season.

New for 2022 - upgraded refundable permits

In 2022 Season Permits are available in two categories:

1. A ‘standard’ non-refundable permit; and,

2. An ‘upgraded’ permit that includes a fee that entitles the holder to a refund (less upgrade fee), under a range of circumstances. 

You can find the full details for each permit in the Refund Policy. 

Resort Entry Permit Refund Policy 2022

This policy applies to all resort entry permit purchases made for the Mt Hotham 2022 winter season.

The Mt Hotham Resort Management Board (RMB) will only offer a refund or credit if required by law (including the Australian Consumer Law) or otherwise as specified in this policy.

This policy will provide guests with clear and consistent direction on:

  • Under what circumstances can a resort entry permit be refunded in addition to a guest’s rights under the Australian Consumer Law.
  • The amount the RMB will refund.

Applying for a refund

Refundable season permits:

  • If a visitor meets the eligibility criteria as listed in the Policy they can apply for a refund from their Mt Hotham Resort Entry Permit account.
  • Supporting documentation can be provided via email to
  • Refunds must be applied for prior to the 31 October 2022
  • Permit holders will be provided with an outcome in writing within 28 days  

All applications for a refund will be assessed in accordance with this policy and the Australian Consumer Law and processed within a reasonable time of being approved.

The RMB may request further supporting evidence or information as it considers reasonably necessary to assess the refund application.

The refund will be paid back via the payment method used for the original transaction. Where a credit card is expired or has been cancelled the visitor will be contacted for an alternative payment method.

Please note: The $50 upgrade fee is non-refundable, so refund assessments are applied to the base season permit price ($455 or $585).