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To ensure you and other road users can reach the slopes more safely, diamond pattern wheel chains must be carried and fitted where directed.

Ladder chains, spider chains and snow socks are not to be used in the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort. It is a legal requirement of the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Management Board (as per the Alpine Resorts (Management) Regulations 2009) that only diamond pattern chains are permitted.

Fines are applicable for not carrying and fitting the below specified diamond pattern chains as directed.

Diamond pattern wheel chains are the safest and most suitable traction device for the challenging conditions on the Great Alpine Road or Alpine Resort during the declared snow season or when snow chains are required.

An authorised diamond pattern wheel chain must be or of:

  • Comprised of interlocking steel links or rings
  • The correct size for the wheels and tyres fitted to the vehicle
  • Suitable for the wheels, tyres, weight and construction of the vehicle
  • When fitted will fully enclose the tyre and which effectively grips both side walls of the tyre
  • Constructed of hard high quality steel
  • f a pattern and design where some part of the chain will be in contact with the road surface at all times when fitted
  • Suitable and durable enough for a road of varying gradients, sharp corners and variable conditions
  • Not modified or altered from the original commercially manufactured product

Properly constructed and correctly fitted chains offer more traction and contact with the road surface compared with other chain patterns.

If the above specifications of diamond pattern wheel chains are met, then they are permitted when travelling through or to the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort.

Chains are not available for hire once on-mountain and must be carried with you from the beginning of your mountain ascent in Harrietville and Omeo. 

Chains are not available for hire once on-mountain and must be carried with you from the beginning of your mountain ascent in Harrietville and Omeo. 

Chains can be hired from the following locations:

Myrtleford: Rays Ski Shop

Harrietville: Hoys Harrietville

Ovens: Happy Valley Hub

Omeo: Hoys Omeo or Omeo Ski Hire & Service Station

Melbourne: Snow Monkey

Fit chains where you see the 'Fit Chains Here' sign. This sign will be located at a designated chain bay so you can pull of the road to safely fit your chains. 

For assistance in fitting chains, Hoys offer a chain fitting service on the Harrietville approach to Mt Hotham. If you hire chains from Hoys Harrietville, they will meet you roadside and fit them for free. 

Your tyres must be in good condition with minimal wear and your chains should only be fitted to your driving wheels, though 4WD vehicles should fit chains to manufacturers recommendation. Remember to always test your chains before a trip as they can alter your car's handling, so you may need to take a moment to adjust your driving. Even if it hasn't been necessary to fit chains when travelling to the resort, we recommend you fit them upon your arrival in preparation for your return trip - as it is quite difficult to fit them to cars covered by snow!

It is recommended to check with you car manufacturer that you car is able to fit chains before commencing your journey. 

For more information on chains, please contact the Mount Hotham Resort Management Board.

Please see the link below for the Chain Determination governing Mt Hotham Alpine Resort for the 2020 winter season.

2020 Mount Hotham Chain Determination

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