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How to Tape Your Knees to Help Knee Pain

Physio Phebe has all the best tips and tricks to help prevent ski and snowboard related injuries. Learn how to tape your knees to make the most of your day on the slopes.

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How to Tape Your Knees to Help Knee Pain

Knee pain on the slopes is common, especially when you are heading out for back to back days or when you may not have done as much pre-season conditioning as you had planned. This is a taping technique that can help support aching knees (particularly pain at the front of your knee) and one that you can easily do yourself. But please be aware it is not appropriate for all knee conditions, such as ligament injuries which require a very different type of taping technique or a brace. So if you are unsure whether it will be suitable for you, please see a physiotherapist before trying this.

Firstly you will need to cut 2 longer strips and 1 smaller strip (see images as a reference). A little trick is to round the edges of your strips to stop the corners from peeling up. Then, position your knee by sitting with your knee bent off the edge of a bed or table.

Long strip 1: Lay the first 5cm down with no stretch on the outer side of your leg below your knee cap, then pull the tape so there is around 50% of stretch up laying it down along the outer side of your thigh above the knee, laying the last 5cm down with no stretch.

Long strip 2: Repeat the above but starting on the inner side.

Small strip 3: Place the smaller piece under the kneecap by pulling the tape so there is 50% stretch over the patella tendon (in a curved/upward direction), laying the ends down with no stretch. You know you’ve done it correctly if it makes your knee appear wrinkly when you stand!

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If you experience any irritation such as itchiness or redness, remove the tape immediately, otherwise the tape can be worn for 2-3 days if providing pain relief.

Then if you haven’t already, I recommend you see a physio for more tailored advice on what’s causing your knee pain and how to rehab it. We have physios at the Hotham Medical Centre available everyday during the season. You can book your appointment online at or give them a call on (03) 5759 3551. 

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"Physio Phebe" is our go-to for injury prevention and management advice for all things snow sports. Based in Bright, she is a director of Ovens Valley Physio & Pilates, who also service Hotham over the season. Following her love of alpine and action sports, Phebe works with Olympic athletes in skiing and mountain biking and is highly sought after to provide physio services to international teams and events.