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Jul 1

Written by: DJEddy
Tuesday, July 01, 2008 

storms bring big happiness ,and dancin the night away into a storm is a sure way to fill mountains with snow .last nights dancing was electric, my view deckside was a pleasure state, and charlies angels held dancfloor pleasure without fear of missin pow on tuesday morning .love you fruitcakes for getin down to the musy tunes im clikin in for some turns ,so see you fruits out in the fluff .love 4 ever ,eddy.p.s the snow is fillin up my boots, dumping still please .oooooh yes .


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Re: nightslider

dear dj eddy.
on behalf of the charlies angels/hotham hussies i would just like to say a masssssssive thankyou for that monday night. it was amazing. there are lots of photos of you on our facebook. and we even joined your worship group. that was the best night of our lives/best kick off to an amazing week. we are all back at uni now, but not a day goes by when we dont think of you. we are trying to save up and return. so we may see you soon (fingers crossed). until then stay safe and sexy.
lots of love, steph the brunette angel xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

By hotham hussies on   Saturday, August 02, 2008

Re: nightslider

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By Mozin on   Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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