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Jul 26

Written by: DJEddy
Monday, July 26, 2010 

So skifreaks ,i know you are gettin sick on skiing groomers ,[at least we can do that, back in the 90s it was frozen mud wars or go home] but here are a few ways to get it on for more fun , .1 nude runs .2. throw ya helmet down snake gully and see if ya can beat it to the bottom .3.shoot hair spray inside ya gogs so it feels like your in a snow storm .4. listen to wangs tunes at snake gully hut and dance on the heavenly load line [towies dig it ,and stops em sleeping].5. come to my show on monday the 2nd of august at club general ,for 'DJ EDDY .V.S .REVENGE OF THE NERDS 2' dress it up and take prizes if i like your style , and burn anything ,ya pancakes, a bra ,undies ,snowboard ,some weetbix ,just let it snow so we can get it on,BIG WHITE LOVE DJ EDDY.


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