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Jul 17

Written by: DJEddy
Saturday, July 17, 2010 

MMMMMMMMMM tasty spanish taptap food in the mountains at cilantro dinner plain ,mega rad chef Frank camorra ,and dj eddy with two turntables and a mic,sounds like a mushroom dream huh,but no it went on last night even lotsa sexy table dancers ,and i got to throw a whole lotta tracks i havent run for years ,fade to grey [visage ],sister sledge ,the cure ,brick house [the commodores ] juicy biggy smalls, thanks for flyin up in ya buddies lear jet frank ,its the way i fly when im in a hurry .and big upity ups to josh and jodi and tim from cilantro for there rad ideas ,see ya in the white stuff LOVE EDDY p.r.s IM ON THIS MONDAY THE 19TH AT CLUB GENNY, TWO IN A ROW FOR YOU RACE FREAKS SEE YA THERE .JUST GOT A NEW RAGGA MUFFIN TRACK FROM JAMAICA OOOHHHHH YES


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