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Blog - DJ Eddy

Author: DJEddy Created: Thursday, May 28, 2009
A music guru who has legendary status across the high country and internationally, DJ Eddy mixes with best of them. Stay tuned to hear his verdict on all that is rad on the slopes right now, or request a song.... who knows where it might be played?

welcome ski freaks!

d.j eddy in the gate, shins on the wand, and ready to let you deep into my mind.

summer cooked me; i was spinin discs at the & 39th falls festival, then up in byron at the great northern and down at bells for the pro surfin. now im ready to share my inermost secrets with you, nuts time to get radical and invite mother winter into our beds.

i cant wait to arc it up for opening weekend see ya sunday night at the genny.

love eddy