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And the winner of the 'Clean and Green' prize pack is.....

Posted 20 January 2020 

Prior to Christmas we teamed up with Wild Earth to launch a competition, giving you the chance to win a ‘Clean and Green’ prize pack containing amazing environmentally-friendly products.

Before we do announce our winner, a quick recap. The reason we ran this competition was to get everyone at Hotham, local or guest, to think about minimising their waste. Each year the resort aims to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill and has been successful in doing this for many years now.

However, despite several effective recycling initiatives, we still find so much rubbish like water and energy drink bottles and snack food wrappers - all things that should be disposed of properly or, even better, replaced entirely with reusable and environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Successfully reducing waste is not only important for the conservation of Hotham’s unique environment, but also to avoid our landfill reaching its capacity for as long as possible. To help us achieve both of these, it’s up to every person that lives here or comes to Hotham to play a part.

So, without further ado our ‘Clean and Green’ prize pack winner is...........…Kathy Petras. Congratulations Kathy, headed your way are these fabulous items, we hope you get lots of use out of them at Hotham.

                                     - Crumple collapsible reusable cup

                                     - Nalgene 1000ml water bottle

                                     - 2L Hydrapak bladder and Deuter BP 24L cross air backpack

                                     - Earthwell 950ml vacuum bottle

                                     - Sea to summit ultralight shopping bag