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Maximise your time on the slopes whilst getting your little ones on skis for the first time. Our Daycare and Mighty Mites program offers a morning kids group lesson followed by an afternoon in our Daycare.

Introduction to Skiing Program

This program is a morning Mighty Mites ski session and an afternoon Day Care session. This program is available to children of various skiing abilities, aged three to five years and who are fully toilet trained. This program offers group ski lessons in the morning and transition between day care and Mighty Mites, and price includes the afternoon childcare. 
A morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack will be included. 

Check In and Check Out 

Upon arrival at the centre, families will be greeted by a member of staff. Families will be asked how their child is feeling and be offered the choice of taking their child into the designated playroom, or having a member of staff take them. Families will be asked how their child slept the night before, as well as any other information to help the child enjoy their day.
All allergies, medication, illnesses and other specific needs MUST be recorded upon enrolment and verbally notified to Day Care staff.
Children may only leave the Centre with the designated parent/s or guardian/s as stipulated on the child's enrolment form and the Attendance Record Sheet.
Pick up and drop off times are flexible within your program operational times.

  • A labelled bag with at least one spare change of clothes: pants, underwear, socks, singlet, skivvies and a jumper. Additional changes of clothes may be necessary for children who are toilet training.
  • Labelled disposable nappies, at least 5 for children enrolled for a full day. 
  • Labelled packet of baby wipes.
  • Labelled bottles for children on formula or expressed breast milk. A labelled empty bottle can be supplied for children on dairy or soy milk.
  • Labelled comfort items such as teddies, dummies, and blankets.


Note: All medications and food items must be removed from the child's bag: these items must then be reported to the child's primary carer and labelled and recorded in the appropriate folders.


No Jab, No Play

As of January 1st 2016, the "No Jab, No Play" legislation came into effect. We will now require evidence your child is fully immunised for their age. An Immunisation Status Certificate will need to be produced before your child can attend Hotham Day Care. The Immunisation Status Certificate can be obtained through your Medicare Online Account or local Medicare service centre.

Day Care must be booked and paid for 24 hours in advance due to limited positions. Programs run from 8.30am to 4.30 pm daily. Payment over the phone is required to confirm your position at Hotham Day Care. Please fill in the below Enrolment Form and return it via email to Hotham Daycare.


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