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With the best opening since 2000, there are a mountain of reasons to visit Hotham for opening weekend. To get on snow, Hero Pass holders should head straight to the lifts with their existing Snow Pass card or head to a Ticket Office if a new one is required.

Due to delays  in gaining approvals for Epic Australia Pass at Hotham, there will not be a Welcome Pack mailed out this season. 

2019 Hero Pass holders can access Hotham from Friday 7 June and Falls Creek from Saturday 8 June. Your existing Snow Pass card will be updated automatically with your Hero Pass lift access and benefits, once full payment has been made. This option enables you to proceed directly onto lifts and enjoy first turns of the season. 

If you don’t have your Snow Pass card, visit the Hotham Ticket Office to receive a complimentary new card.

Hero Pass access is valid only for guests who have paid their 2019 Hero Pass in full. You can continue to use your Hero Pass access for the season, or choose to convert to an Epic Australia Pass. The choice to convert must be made before Tuesday 2 July.

We are expecting a high number of guest this weekend buying lift passes, seeking new Snow Pass cards and enjoying the great conditions. To minimise queue wait times, we have extended our Hotham Central Ticket Office opening hours. 
        Opening hours
Saturday 8 June        7.30am – 5.00pm 
Sunday 9 June        8.00am – 5.00pm 
Monday 10 June        8.00am – 5.00pm 

Now that Hotham is Epic, 2019 Hero Pass holders have the opportunity to convert to an Epic Australia Pass to enjoy year round skiing and boarding at Whistler, Japan and the Best of the U.S. 

Hero Pass holders have been emailed details about converting to the Epic Australia Pass and on Tuesday 11 June, Hero Pass holders will receive an email that enables them to do so. 

Once a Hero Pass holder has registered interest to convert, we will be busy in the background to ensure the new Epic Australia Pass issued for the balance of the season. The opportunity to convert will continue until Tuesday 2 July. 

2019 Hero Passes will remain valid until we have completed and communicated the conversion to an Epic Australia Pass.


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