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Alpine School for Leadership - Catering Manager

Posted 28 March 2019

Alpine School - Dinner Plain Campus

Catering Manager

To start 15 July 2019

Position information

Applicants are invited for the position of Catering Manager at the Alpine School. The Catering manager will be a person who has a love of food and the ability to share that passion with adolescents. They will have responsibility for the safe and appropriate day to day running of the kitchen and dining facilities at the Alpine School. They will work in a close team relationship with in particular the Catering Assistant and all staff at the Alpine School and with their colleagues at the other campuses. This will entail provision of meals seven days a week for the duration of the nine week term that students are in residence. The hours of duty will be timetabled by the Daily Organiser with consideration to the residential nature of The Alpine School program. The catering manager will have responsibility for (in conjunction with the Head of Campus or Principal and Business Manager ), menus, ordering, cooking and preparing food for students to access in his/her absence or for excursions, cleaning and ensuring the operational safety of all kitchen equipment. The position will entail facilitating students in the preparation and clean-up duties for meal and encouraging students to participate in the kitchen.

The food provision at the School for Student Leadership, of which the Alpine School is one of three (and soon four) campuses is guided by our Common Kitchen approach. The catering teams at all campuses work collaboratively to ensure that food is delicious, made with care, love imagination and passion, is consistently delivered and planned within a rotating menu. The food provision will be able to happily and excitedly accommodate the variety of food requirements of students: vegan, vegetarian, allergy responsive, respectful and embracing of religious beliefs for example.

The kitchen is the heart of the school. It is open and transparent, welcoming and a fun place to learn. We believe that the work and action in the kitchen will contribute to the learning and growth of the students in residence. Students will be welcome to assist and, after completing their basic food handling course, will be cognisant of work requirements in a commercial kitchen. The kitchen is therefore an extension of the learning environment and hence the catering team will contribute to the learning program of the students through their modelling and behaviour, passion for food and clear enjoyment they will display in the kitchen.

The school subscribes to the Maslow Hierarchy of needs model and it is clear that biological functioning-eating for one-are absolutely essential to the successful learning in our school. The catering team are therefore fundamental to the learning program as the kitchen and food are foundations for progression to maximising students learning outcomes.

To apply

Please apply via Recruitment Online, search for job number 1151914.

Closing date for applications: 1 April 2019.

For more information, phone 03 5150 8100.