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Resort Entry Reminder Notices & Infringements 

Have you received a Resort Entry Reminder Notice?

You need to purchase your Resort Entry
If you have received a resort entry reminder notice please purchase resort entry prior to 3pm via Alpine Easy Access or at one of our Alpine Easy Access self-purchase iPad terminals located at the Resort Management Office, Hotham Central, Hoys, Hotham Sports and Arlberg Reception. If you have received your notice after 3pm please call or visit the Mount Hotham Resort Management office.  
If you do not pay your resort entry you will receive an infringement.  
Your details could be incorrect 
Check your dates and vehicle registration are correct by viewing your confirmation email or by logging into your Pay By Phone Account. 
If you have noticed your vehicle registration details are incorrect please provide us with your correct vehicle registration by replying to your confirmation email or by calling our Tourism Information Officers (03) 5759 3550. 
The Mount Hotham Resort Management Board uses Resort Entry Reminder Notices for vehicles failing to pay as it is the vehicle's first offence. Subsequent offences will proceed straight to the Parking Infringement stage.

Have You Received An Infringement?

Parking infringement notices are necessary to regulate and control entry, parking and to meet operational needs throughout the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort.
The Mount Hotham Resort Management Board is authorised under the Road Safety Act 1986 to prosecute for any offence against the Act and the regulations. The Infringements Act 2006 establishes a framework through which these infringements can be enforced.

If you enter the resort and park illegally in the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort, you risk being fined. Failure to pay a parking infringement notice or to take any other action within 28 days may result in further enforcement action and the incurring of further costs.  Parking and traffic laws apply to ensure the safe and fair use of Victoria’s roads. Specific parking restrictions and The Mount Hotham Alpine Resort Entry Permit system help make parking available for permanent residents, visitors, commercial operations and staff. 

If an infringement notice remains unpaid, a warrant may eventually be issued and your property may be seized and sold to satisfy the amount owing.

You have the following options:

  • You have 28 days to pay the fine
  • Or you can apply for an internal review
  • Or you can elect to go to court

Application for Internal Review Form
Known User Statement Form
Stolen, Sold, Unknown User Statement Form
Application To Go To Court Form


There are several payment options which include the following:

Direct Deposit:
Direct deposit to our ANZ bank account BSB: 013-545 Account Number: 4996 38782, with your infringement number and vehicle registration as the reference. Please email an electronic remittance to

By Mail:
You can send a cheque or money order payable to Mt Hotham Resort Management:

Mt Hotham Resort Management
Vehicle Accountability Office
PO Box 188
Bright VIC, 3741

Please note it is important to write the infringement number and vehicle registration clearly on the back of the cheque.

In Person:
You can make a payment in person at the Administration desk at the Mount Hotham Resort Management office, in the transit lounge building, between 8am and 5pm, open 7 days during winter.
Cash, EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard Only 

By Phone:
You can make a payment to our office over the phone by contacting us on 03 5759 3550.
Visa or Mastercard Only.



Internal review
If you believe there is a satisfactory reason for you not to pay the infringement notice, you may apply for an internal review. Requests must be in writing and include the address of the applicant.

You can submit a completed ‘Request for Internal Review’ form or send a letter to Mount Hotham Resort Management requesting an infringement notice to be internally reviewed. 
In accordance with the Infringement Act 2006, infringement notices can only be reviewed once.

A ‘Request for Internal Review’ form can be downloaded here. Please complete the form and email to or post to:

Mount Hotham Resort Management
Vehicle Accountability Office
PO Box 188
Bright VIC, 3741

An internal review can also be requested by letter to Mount Hotham Resort Management Vehicle Accountability Office. (Please use above address details)

You must provide all of the following information in the letter:

  • name and postal address
  • mobile phone number (in case you entered an incorrect vehicle registration online)
  • the infringement notice number
  • vehicle registration number
  • an explanation of why you believe the infringement notice should be reviewed (please note separate explanation is required for each infringement notice that you are requesting be reviewed – if this is not supplied, you will be requested for further information)
  • any supporting evidence

Not the driver of the vehicle infringed?
If the owner of the vehicle that received a parking infringement from Mount Hotham Resort Management was not driving the vehicle at the time the infringement was issued, then the owner may complete a Known User Statement, download here, to nominate the person in charge of the vehicle at the time the infringement was issued and email it to or post it to:

Mount Hotham Resort Management
Vehicle Accountability Office
PO Box 188
Bright VIC, 3741

Review Process
The review process can take up to 28 days or longer if additional information is required. Please do not pay the infringement notice during this period.
You will receive correspondence advising whether the infringement notice has been withdrawn or if the matter will proceed.
Failure to pay or provide requested additional information could result in further costs.

Having the case heard by a court:
You can choose to have your matter dealt with in the Magistrates’ Court by notifying Mount Hotham Resort Management with a Court form that can be downloaded here. 
Please complete the form and email to or post to:

Mount Hotham Resort Management
Vehicle Accountability Office
PO Box 188
Bright VIC, 3741


Mount Hotham Resort Management takes three steps to ensure the payment of overdue parking infringement notices. At each stage, you have the chance to pay the infringement notice, including any added statutory costs.
You also have the opportunity to contest the fine, if you believe there is a good reason for you not to pay the infringement notice.

Step 1: Penalty Reminder Notice
28 days to pay the infringement notice (plus costs)
After 28 days you will be sent a reminder called a Penalty Reminder Notice. An extra statutory charge will be added to the infringement notice at this stage. The notice will provide options including:

  • pay the total amount by the due date
  • choose to have the matter determined in the Magistrates’ Court (form included)

Step 2: Enforcement Order
28 days to pay infringement notice, plus Penalty Reminder Notice and any additional costs

If you do not respond to the Penalty Reminder Notice within 28 days, the infringement notice will be sent to the Infringement Court or Magistrates’ Court.
The Infringements Court will issue an Enforcement Order requiring you to pay the infringement notice plus the Penalty Reminder Notice costs and additional court costs.
This is a court order and should be treated seriously. If you wish to object to the Enforcement Order, complete the Statutory Declaration that comes with the order.

At this stage the infringement is no longer the issue of Mount Hotham Resort Management and if you have any enquiries you must contact the Infringement Court on 1800 150 410.

Step 3: Sheriff’s Warrant
Seven days to pay, fine plus several costs

If you don’t respond to the Enforcement Order by the due date, the Infringement Court will issue a warrant. Warrant costs will be added.

The warrant authorises the Sheriff to demand payment of the infringement notice and all costs, or seize your goods as security. If you haven’t paid in seven days:

  • your property can be sold
  • if you have no goods to seize, you can be imprisoned

The Infringements Court

The Infringements Court is a venue of the Magistrates’ Court that deals with the processing and enforcement of unpaid infringement notices. The Infringements Court:

  • issues Enforcement Orders and Infringement Warrants to enforce fines, and
  • decides on applications for revocation (applicants to have an Enforcement Order cancelled) and payment orders (orders setting out the terms of a payment plan on an Enforcement Order or Infringement Warrant).

The Infringement Court is unlike other court venues, in that it does not conduct hearings to make decisions. Decisions are made by infringements registrars, generally based on written submissions.

If you wish to dispute your infringement notice before a court, please either fill out the application form supplied or contact the Mount Hotham Resort Management Board to request a form.


The Resort Entry ticket box was closed when I arrived at Mount Hotham, so I couldn’t purchase a Resort Entry Permit. Where can I purchase a Permit?

Resort Entry is no longer purchased at the ticket boxes on arrival. The ticket boxes are now permanently closed as Resort Entry Permit purchase points. However these ticket boxes are still in place as severe weather event road management points and will only be operational in severe weather to advise patrons of road conditions. There are a number of options to purchase your Resort Entry Permit.

Purchase online at home (preferred option):

You can now purchase you Resort Entry Permit online before you start your journey. Go to Alpine Easy Access where you can purchase Day, Multi-Day or Season Resort Entry Permits for private vehicles. 
All other Permits need to be purchased from the Resort Management Office.

Purchase online during your journey:

Purchase your Resort Entry Permit on your smart phone on the Alpine Easy Access website Alpine Easy Access when you stop for a break.

Alternatively there are also Resort Entry purchase points on your way to Mount Hotham at the following venues:

  • Ray’s Ski Hire, Myrtleford
  • Hoys, Harrietville & Dinner Plain
  • Pinnacle, Dinner Plain
  • Billies Ski Hire, Omeo  

Purchase in the car park on arrival:

You can purchase a Resort Entry Permit when you arrive in the village. Our Guest Service Officers are on duty in our village car parks and they can process your Permit on the spot. If you can not find a Guest Service Officer please purchase a Permit at another location as a priority.

Purchase at Resort Entry points around the resort.
There are Resort Entry purchase points around the resort at the following venues:

  • Resort Management Office (Open 7 days a week - 8am to 5pm)
  • Guest Service desk at Hotham Central (opposite Tickets)
  • Arlberg Reception
  • Mt Hotham Sports Big D
  • Mt Hotham Sports Jack Frost

Purchase at the Mount Hotham Resort Management Office:

You can purchase your Resort Entry/Parking Permit in the Mount Hotham Resort Management office on arrival at the mountain.  Office hours - 7 days a week, 8am to 5pm.
Cash, EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard Only.



Who is responsible for paying the Resort Entry infringement notice?
You are responsible for the Resort Entry infringement notice if you are the registered owner of the vehicle or the driver of the vehicle at the time the infringement was issued.

How much are the parking infringements?
Fines are set by the Victorian Government each year at one penalty unit.

Do parking infringement notices lead to loss of demerit points?
Generally, parking infringement notices do not result in the loss of demerit points from your drivers licence.

However, if you do not pay your infringement notice and you have exhausted all payment stages, the Sheriff may opt to suspend your licence or registration, block any transfer of ownership, or stop renewal of a vehicle registration in accordance with the Infringements Act 2006.

Who can issue parking infringement notices?
Mount Hotham Resort management authorised Parking Enforcement Officers and the Police can issue infringements.

If I incur an infringement, where will the ticket be?
Infringements can be placed on your vehicle or be posted to you.

What type of infringement do I receive if I have not purchased a Resort Entry Permit?
If you stop within the Resort without paying Resort Entry you will receive an infringement for ‘Stopping in a No Stopping Area’ as you are not permitted to stop in the Resort without a valid Entry Permit. 

I have a private car park allocated to me by an accommodation provider. Can I incur an infringement?
If you have not purchased a Resort Entry Permit and you have a car park allocated to you by an accommodation provider you will incur an infringement. You must purchase Resort entry before you are permitted to stop anywhere within the Resort. 

Can you get a parking infringement notice on leased land?
Mount Hotham Resort Management Parking Officers can issue an infringement notice on all land within the Mount Hotham Alpine Resort, including all leasehold and freehold land sites.

What power does the Mount Hotham Resort Management Board have to move cars?
An Authorised Officer or member of the Victorian Police may, in an Alpine Resort, remove or cause to be removed by means of lifting and carrying, or towing a vehicle, if satisfied on reasonable grounds that the vehicle has been parked or left standing in contravention of regulation 12 of the Alpine Resorts (Management) Regulations 2009.

Contact The Mount Hotham Resort Management Board if you wish to further discuss an Infringement or Reminder Notice. 


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