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Who is Miss Mary's?

Posted 21 June, 2018. 

Miss Mary's just happens to be the coolest new chick at Hotham, and heaven knows there are a lot of cool chicks up here. We're very excited to have the team behind Dr Mauve in Bright up on the mountain running Miss Mary's Bar and Eats, dishing up signature cocktails that put the 'aaahhh' back into apres.

Hail Caesar!

One of the faves is the 'Caesar', a Canadian classic similar to a Bloody Mary, only using clamato juice instead of tomato. Miss Mary's were coy about the secret ingredients but revealed there are about five special spicy sauces and a signature celery salt/steak spice rim giving it a unique savoury kick.

So who is Miss Mary?

Miss Mary's is named after the notorious Mary's Slide double black diamond run, not only one of the most difficult runs on the mountain, but ranked third most difficult in Victoria. Like Miss Mary's cocktails, the run seduces riders with the tasty wide open bowl and it's only when you get to the bottom that you realise what a punch it packs...

Drop in...

Miss Mary’s is open 11.30am till late every day, so keep up to date with Miss Mary’s regular and special events through their ‘What’s On’ information on this website or hook up with their social media channels, listed under their ‘Contact’ tab.

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