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The Spag Bol Toll

By Justin Jenvey

Posted 1 Aug 2019

If there’s one thing Hotham locals and visitors know how to do off the slopes, it’s fundraise.

There are plenty of charity events on the mountain each winter, but one could top them all for creativity and a worthy cause.  

The Spag Bol Toll is a fundraising initiative established by a young boy spending his first season at Hotham.

In two months here Charlie Gelok has been amazed at the amount of spaghetti bolognaise consumed by members and guests at The Lodge Ski Club managed by his parents Guido and Chris.

Because of that he’s decided to collect a donation from every person that eats a bowl of spaghetti or pasta bolognaise and at the end of the season will donate the total to Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA).

Join in the cause

Charlie hopes people will give $1 for every spag bol bowl and thanks to a couple of school groups passing through The Lodge and enjoying the meal in recent weeks, he’s already made close to $100.

“I was thinking we should do a season count for how much spaghetti gets eaten and then the next day we thought, if we could get a dollar for every meal we could donate to something,” Charlie said. 

The 10 year old, who is attending Dinner Plain Primary School, also wants other lodges, accommodation houses and restaurants from across the resort to join in him in supporting DWA.  

DWA at Hotham believe they need to invest $25,000 to $30,000 every year to support the rapid growth of the program.

Charlie hopes the Spag Bol Toll will go a long way towards continuing the work of the not-for-profit organisation in offering on-snow opportunities to people with disabilities.   

How to get involved

DWA volunteer and friend Ian White has arranged DWA stickers and posters for lodges and businesses wanting to participate, however you will need to supply your own collection jar or tin.

The Spag Bol Toll will also be used to help Charlie achieve his Cub Scouts Grey Wolf badge, but it won’t just be one-off thing; he plans to continue the fundraiser well beyond 2019.

“We want to raise a lot of money not just this year but every year,” he said. 

Locals can expect a visit from Charlie in the coming weeks or if you are interested in taking on the Spag Bol Toll you can get in touch via Charlie’s dad Guido Gelok on 0487 111 110. 


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We want to raise a lot of money not just this year but every year