Mount Hotham

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Looking after the Kids - Daycare

Located at the Big D Kids Snowzone. Hotham Daycare is mountains of fun!



Daycare indoor programs

Hotham Daycare is licensed to cater for up to 26 children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years and is approved by the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. It is renowned for its specialised and professional care; providing qualified and experienced staff that strive to meet the children's individual needs. 

Full day session - 8am to 5pm (available until 13 September)
Includes all meals: morning, afternoon snack and lunch 

Half day session ‚Äď morning: 8am to 12.30pm
(available until 27 September)
Includes morning snack and lunch

Half day session - afternoon: 1pm to 5pm (afternoon sessions only available until 13 September)
Includes afternoon snack. 

Hourly Care
 - offered when there is availability on that day, hourly care cannot be pre-booked. 



  Half day (8am-12.15pm) Half day (12.45pm-5pm) Full day (8am-5pm)
1 child $92  $81 $119
2 children $88ea $76ea $113ea

Please note: please call and pay for the first day to confirm your booking.


Day care 'Introduction to Skiing' programs 

Program 1: From 2 years of age*
Full day 'Day care' with 1 hour private ski lesson

  • Designed for children who are skiing for the first time
  • 1 hour private ski lesson with one of Day Care's Instructors
  • Includes a full day of child care¬†
  • Includes morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack
  • Includes skis, ski boots, helmet & goggles for the duration of the lesson.

Program 2: From 3 years of age*
Morning session 'Kids Snowzone', afternoon session 'Day Care'

  • Available to children of various skiing ability
  • Children need to be 3 years old or older and fully toilet trained to participate
  • Program offers group ski lessons with the Mighty Mites program in the morning
  • Includes transition between Day Care and Kids Snowzone
  • Afternoon session of child care is included
  • Includes morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack
  • Includes skis, ski boots, helmet & goggles for the duration of the lesson.


  Full day Deposit
1 child $204ea $50

Please note: you will be required to pay a deposit to secure your child's place in the program.


Booking and registrations

  • To secure a place, it is essential to book session care and 'Introduction to Skiing' programs in advance
  • All bookings need to be made direct with Hotham Day care either via email or telephone
  • Confirmation of your booking can be arranged by filling out the Enrolment Form and Daily Routine Form, and sending them direct to Hotham Day care either via email or Australian post
  • A phone payment can be made direct to Hotham Daycare.

Late fees and cancellations information click here

Please enquire at Hotham Daycare for further information relating to illness.

Checking In/Out
Upon arrival at the centre, families will be greeted by a member of staff. Families will be asked how their child is feeling and be offered the choice of taking their child into the designated playroom, or having a member of staff take them. Families will be asked how their child slept the night before, as well as any other information to help the child enjoy their day.

All allergies, medication, illnesses and other specific needs MUST be recorded upon enrolment and verbally notified to Day Care staff.

Children may only leave the Centre with the designated parent/s or guardian/s as stipulated on the child's enrolment form and the Attendance Record Sheet.

What to Bring

  • A labelled bag with at least one spare change of clothes: pants, underwear, socks, singlet, skivvies and a jumper. Additional changes of clothes may be necessary for children who are toilet training
  • Labelled disposable nappies - at least 5 for children enrolled for a full day
  • Labelled packet of bottom wipes
  • Labelled bottles for children on formula or expressed breast milk. A labelled empty bottle can be supplied for children on dairy or soy milk
  • Labelled comfort items such as teddies, dummies, and blankets.

Note: All medications and food items must be removed from the child's bag: these items must then be reported to the child's primary carer; labelled and recorded in the appropriate folders.


Contact Hotham Daycare

Location Big D Kids Snowzone
Phone 03 5759 4418


Downloadable Forms

PDFParent Information Handbook 2014 (244 KB)

PDFKids Daily Routine 2015 (294 KB)

PDFDay Care Enrolment Form 2014 (183 KB)