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Adult Lesson Levels

If you need a little assistance in working out which level you're at, follow the guidelines below or visit Hotham Central Snowsports Centre for more information.



Skiing Levels

Level Ability Terrain
1 First Time Skier Flat
2 You can snowplough and stop. You are learning to turn and ride a lift Base of Summit
3 You can snowplough turn. You have ridden a lift. Mileage and consolidation skills. Summit & Big D
4 Starting blue terrain. Learning skills that bring your skis for parallel. Sun Run and Slalom Gully
5 Parallel skiing. Learning long and short turns with a pole plant. Moving towards black terrain.   Imagine & Snake Gully 
Black Diamond You can make short parallel turns with a pole plant on blue - black terrain. Workshop topics include Dynamic Short Turns, Intro to Bumps, Intro to Steep Terrain. Spargo's and Blue Ribbon 


Snowboard Levels

Level Ability Terrain
1 First time snowboarding. In level 1 you will learn how to balance on your snowboard, gain edge control and learn how to sideslip Flat
2 Your level 2 lesson will teach you how to sideslip on both edges and gain direction control in a falling leaf Summit
3 In a level 3 lesson you will learn how to link and refine turns progressing towards blue terrain Sun Run & Slalom Gully
4 During your level 4 lesson you will learn how to refine your turns on blue terrain, progress towards black terrain or learn some introductory freestyle moves Canyon and Snake Gully
5 Learn to turn on steeps, progress your carving skills or learn some more advanced freestyle Gun Barrel and Mary's Slide



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